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How to make children form good habits

it is very important to train children to develop good living habits. Living habits include drinking, eating, daily life, hygiene habits and other personal behaviors. Therefore, to form a good life habit is not only good for children's physical and mental health, but also helpful for children's learning.

The plan of a day is in the morning. In the morning, children must form a good habit of getting up early, and their quilts should be arranged by themselves to learn how to do their own things.

Next let them wash their faces and brush their teeth. Note that parents must show their children in person, teach them the right way, and encourage them to praise their children.

Children don't like to wash their hands after school every day, so it's easy to eat bacteria into their mouths together, so tell children to wash their hands and form a good child who is hygienic.

Take a handkerchief or tissue with you to help your child wipe his nose or stains. Otherwise, they often like to rub it on their sleeves.

After finishing homework every day, children must organize their own schoolbag, let them know that this is their own business, and must complete it independently.

Every night, they must go to bed before 10 o'clock to ensure adequate sleep and develop good work and rest habits, which is conducive to the healthy growth and development of children.