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List of necessary items for travel

During the summer vacation, many people will take advantage of this opportunity to travel. If it's necessary to take enough necessary items with you when you travel far, what are the necessary items to take when you travel? This must-have travel list may come in handy.

1. Large capacity wash bag

A large capacity wash bag and a good storage bag are very important. I usually put them in two bags, one for cosmetics and small articles, and the other for skin care. And there will be some grid zipper positions on the top. You can put some small things like cotton swabs, makeup cotton, eyebrow clips, hair bands, hair clips & hellip; etc. it is very convenient to have zippers to prevent falling! Below are some cosmetic or tool separates, such as makeup brush, eyebrow pencil, eyeliner, dyed eyebrow cream and mascara &hellip.

2. Shoe storage box

Take two pairs of shoes with you every time you travel, but you are worried that the soles of shoes will dirty the suitcase. Then the artifact comes. It can not only save space, but also do not have to be afraid of the deformation of shoes in the luggage compartment, which brings a lot of convenience.

3. Dirty sleeping bag

Many people are worried that the bed of the hotel is not clean, and there are sensitive human body sleeping on a strange bed, which is easy to be allergic, so take it, and put it on the hotel bed, which is absolutely clean and sanitary.

4. Disposable underwear

I don't know when to start. It's necessary to travel. I can say it's not only convenient, but also because I'm lazy.

5. Portable photo printer

It can print the photos in the mobile phone directly, without any connection, and only put them on the printer. It's really easy to use, and it's suitable for people who love taking photos.

6. Passport bag

This thing is really easy to use, so that your documents will not fly in disorder, passports, cash tickets, certificates, bank cards will be used up, and there is no need to rush in and out of the customs! Of course, we should pay attention to the security of the passport bag.

7. Separate bottling for travel

It's a very easy to use essential product. It can save space, water and milk. Remember to choose the one with label, or you can't tell clearly after repacking.

8. Universal conversion plug

It's really necessary to go abroad. A socket can be used all over the world. There's no need to worry about the problem that the plug can't be used to flush electricity.

9. Eye mask

Flying or sleeping can help you sleep safely on tired trips.

10. Waterproof mobile phone bag

The necessary mobile phone waterproof bag by the sea, which is waterproof and sand proof, can protect your mobile phone safely.

11. Compressed towel

The towels in the hotel are usually not very clean. When you travel, you should bring compressed towels. They are made of pure cotton and skin friendly materials. They are clean and sanitary. When you encounter water, they will expand immediately. And it doesn't take up a lot of space. You can carry several pieces in your bag.