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How to quickly integrate into dormitory collective life

from primary school to university, I have experienced dormitory collective life. What should I pay attention to when living in dormitory, and how can I adapt to the collective life more? Next, I will share my experience.

First of all, we should have a cognition that everyone has his own special habit and learn to respect others. Even if that habit is something you don't like or dislike, when the relationship is close enough, you should give proper advice, but don't carry out personal attack.

Learn to accept that when there are many people, they will inevitably encounter situations that are out of step. For example, when they sleep earlier and sleep lightly, others can wake themselves up with a little movement. At this time, they need to adjust their mentality and don't make a big noise in this situation. Of course, if it is obvious that the other party is wrong, we should not blindly compromise, but also strive for our own rights and directly explain the situation.

Don't quarrel easily under the impulse. I don't know if you have met this situation. Most girls should be girls. After quarreling, no one wants to bow their heads and don't talk to each other. In the end, they may forget what the quarrel is, but because of this quarrel, they don't talk until graduation. Impulse is easy to make mistakes. As we usually say, when the brain is impulsive, we should control it and avoid doing things that we regret. The obvious thing for boys is to fight.

Open mind a little bit, when making trouble with each other, be able to give up the psychology of face and speak actively. In fact, when I go to school, there will be basically no big contradiction. It's all small frictions. There's no need to lose a friend because of these small frictions. Quarrel is also a way of emotional communication. Don't think you can't pay because of quarrel.

Don't be too self-centered. Many people live in one room by themselves at home. They are self-centered. There is no restriction on what they want to do in their own space and when they want to do it. But in collective life, the common space is not you alone. You should take into account the feelings of others and consider others in the space before doing anything. For example, when other people are tired and sleeping, your movements should be smaller.

Learn to adjust ourselves. When we live together, we may encounter things that we can't accept and change. If we have an impact on ourselves, then we can adjust ourselves. If it doesn't affect you, you don't need to be distracted.