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Can people with gastrointestinal disease eat glutinous rice? How to eat glutinous rice dyspepsia to

Glutinous rice is a popular food. Glutinous rice cakes and all kinds of snacks made of glutinous rice are definitely the favorite of many people. Can people who have stomach disease eat glutinous rice? What should they do if they don't digest glutinous rice? Because glutinous rice is flexible and hard to digest, children and old people who have stomach disease or have bad stomach are not recommended to eat it!

Can people with stomach disease eat glutinous rice?

Don't eat it. It's better to eat something easy to digest. It's necessary to take care of your stomach. According to the experimental results at home and abroad, the blood glucose response of hot glutinous rice just out of the pot is indeed very high, which is higher than that of white sugar, and even higher than that of ordinary japonica rice. Compared with japonica rice, glutinous rice contains more amylopectin, which is easy to react with amylase and release glucose.

Therefore, the so-called difficult digestion of glutinous rice food does not mean that the amylopectin in it is difficult to digest, but that these foods are too sticky, tough, chewy and crumpled, which hinders the rapid and full effect of digestive enzymes on it. As long as it can be broken up and boiled, glutinous rice food is super easy to digest, such as hot glutinous rice porridge, which is soft, rotten, soft and fine, even for people with weak digestion after diarrhea.

How does glutinous rice eat not digest to do?

Teach you a massage method: lie on your back, gently massage around your navel clockwise for 50 times, then anticlockwise for 50 times, repeatedly do hundreds of times until your stomach is relaxed. You can try it better than taking medicine.

1. If you have stomach disease, it means that your stomach's endurance is weaker, so you will be uncomfortable if you eat too much. You should pay attention to protection

2. There are a lot of food to eat each time, which will cause indigestion of course. It is recommended to go and have some tea or take a walk for digestion ten minutes after the meal

3. It is also possible that there is something wrong with the intestine. It is necessary to observe that those parts of the body will be comfortable one hour after eating. Basically, it is unlikely.