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How to control your emotions in life?

the quality of mentality can often affect some things in our life. A good mentality is full of sunshine. Then the state of mind is not good, for example, when the mood rises, it is the temper. Sometimes the temper is not good, and sometimes the luck is not good. Smile in the face of something unexpected, then how to control our mood in life?

Nine times out of ten, people who encounter unpleasant things in their life, such as too much pressure at work, bumps and bumps in life, are easy to get angry, and people who are impatient are more likely to get angry;

Emotion not only refers to anger, but also may be sadness. In a word, happiness, anger, sorrow and happiness are too much, that is, emotions are out of control, which leads to people's poor spirit. We should control emotions and adjust our mentality;

If too much work pressure, too many complaints, too much depression, too low mood will affect family work, then how to control it? We can release it, we can shout and release our emotions;

If people are easy to get angry, often for a little thing, we need to adjust our mentality. When people say things that are easy to provoke you, don't be too impulsive. If you can think about it, don't say it or smile;

In addition to the work complaints, the noise of trivial things in life, as well as the failure in stock market or business, it is easy to lose control of emotions and do extreme things. We should learn to control ourselves before we do things to consider whether we can bear the failure, so that even if we fail, we will be calm and have a good mentality.

In addition, there are some unhappy things that often appear, such as the departure of relatives. Although the psychology is very painful, we should learn to control, because it is a natural law, we should continue to live, and we should work harder and live a positive life.