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How to deal with unfair treatment at work

it's a familiar saying: every family has its own Sutra. In fact, it is the same at work. Although it is said that no pains, no gains. But it's not necessarily the case in practice. For example, if you do more and pay more, but are ignored, even despised and paid more, you are more likely to be criticized and criticized for salary deduction. Instead, you don't have to do it to enjoy the happiness, not to be chased responsibility, and the bonus is higher. Horses are good at attracting people to ride, people are good at attracting people to bully, and people who are good at bullying always seem to be bullied. In similar work, other comrades are equipped with all the necessary things, and they have to do more, but they can't apply for anything when they run into difficulties. There are other kinds of unfair treatment and so on. What about unfair treatment at work?

First of all, don't be impulsive. If you are treated unfairly at work, calm down and think about why. You can talk with your relatives and friends, and let's think about something together.

Calm down. Put the overall situation first. If the overall situation is the most important in the organization, then we should not worry about the gains and losses and suffer from the hardships before we become human beings.

If you do pay a lot, but are treated unfairly, or your boss is biased against you, you can find a suitable occasion and time to explain to the leader clearly or make a reasonable application or complaint, of course, you can change jobs if you are unable to have the ability and conditions.

If it is objective and unfair or involves more than one department, we can make reasonable suggestions to the relevant departments at the higher level and protect ourselves by law.

If the current unfair situation can't be changed temporarily or really, it's better to think about it. There is no absolute fairness. Maybe you think it's unfair to compare someone with you, but you can think that there are worse, poorer and harder jobs than you. You can't compare with two foot walking, but you can think that some people walk on one foot, and some people don't even have feet. Think about it like this and you'll have a lot of balance.

Don't be discouraged even if you are treated unfairly at work. God opens another door to you while he closes one window. As long as you work hard, persevere, hope for life, be optimistic and take life seriously, you will wait for another door that God has opened for you.