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What's up with Bai Yu's "up with Bai Yu's" expression pack

Recently, we have to talk about Bai Yu and Zhu Yilong, the popular male stars. The online drama "zhenhun" starred by these two actors is really popular and has won numerous fans. Recently, Bai Yu has been covered with the name of shibozi. Why is that? What's the matter with Bai Yu? Let's get to know each other.

What's the 'top son'

As a network language, the word refers to actor Bai Yu. The online drama zhenhun, adapted from the novel of the same name, has become a hit on the Internet. As the leading actress, Bai Yu has countless fans. Some fans have pulled out the ID of his high school Baidu Post Bar, which is called "tangotzi", and recorded the mental journey of many adolescent boys. He not only gave himself a homophonic netizen "tangotzi", but also most of his posts were with women at that time My friend's "affectionate confession" really lives up to his title of "treasure boy"!

Where's the source of "Dan shangzi"

After the popularity of the online drama "zhenhun", the two male hosts of the drama have won the love of countless fans. They are the legendary "zhenhun ghost". The so-called deep responsibility of love is very important. After the lovely resident teacher is continuously dug out of the "black history" such as "savage children" and "awkward dance", the post account of Bai Yu, who is called the "ghostly host" by the Jianghu people, was dug up by omnipotent netizens more than ten years ago, as a day Often 'black history' is mentioned by fans.

The development experience of "taishangzi"

In addition to the name of "tanaozi", the creativity of "soul girl" goes beyond this. During the live broadcast, the "ghost girl" who is the host, the "Prince Turk" who is the king of Kunlun, the "rose thorns" who is full of stubble, the "white mango face" which is the face of mango, and the "bygg" who is the face powder are all the fans' love names for white Yu. The mountains and rivers are far away, and the world is full of fireworks None is you, none is not you. I can't understand all kinds of stems recently.

Expression pack

Not only that, fans have also made many expression packs. You ask me how deep I love you. Expression packs represent the hearts of ghost ghosts. Where ghost ghosts go, expression packs are everywhere. Let's feel the collection of 'bygg' expression packs (collection of Bai Yu expression packs):