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How much is Swarovski's 2017 Tanabata necklace? How much is the same necklace of Swarovski River sha

On the eve of the Chinese Valentine's day, many brands have launched different festival gifts. Swarovski has also launched a special necklace. How much is the Chinese Valentine's letter necklace? Would it make tower especially happy if it was given to her girlfriend?

Swarovski has launched the Tanabata letter necklace. Many people want to know how much is the 2017 Swarovski Tanabata letter necklace?

How much is the 2017 Swarovski Tanabata letter necklace

Brand: Swarovski

Name: Swarovski letter necklace

Material: 925 silver, crystal

Origin: Austria

Price: 990 yuan

New products of 2017 Swarovski Valentine's Day

This season, Swarovski launched a number of jewelry and accessories specially designed for Valentine's day on the Chinese Valentine's day. The bright and charming metallic tones such as imitated crystal, rose gold and gold are cleverly integrated with the current popular colors and shapes, which not only create a sense of fashion, but also convey a little love.

The charming a DM IRA tion series is decorated with Swarovski crystal like hearts, circles and clovers. The unique design expresses love through different wearing ways. If you want to create a fashionable effect, you may as well show the bright side, or you can choose to reverse the wearing to show the hidden text. The C ircle pendant represents' y OUA re My Su n SH in E ', while the h eat pendant says' B ore D w ith out you', while the C Love Pendant proclaims to the whole world that 'meeting you is my greatest happiness'. These design elements, which combine classic and modern charm, can add embellishment to various styles and occasions. If you want to create a sense of hierarchy on this Valentine's day, the exquisite V ittore ring and the delicate and unique frisson ring are the best choices. The V ittore ring is set with an olive shaped cutting imitation crystal and integrates the new cutting technology of this season, which can inject modern and elegant luster into the casual or evening look.

Lovely C ry stalsm in I watch, made in Switzerland, is specially presented for the Chinese market. Small and charming shape, combining eye-catching red and rose gold full of metal texture. This charming watch, with 20 movable Swarovski Cubic Zirconia on the dial and a romantic red heart-shaped decoration, can add lively charm to all kinds of wear.