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Do you need to apply sunscreen to play parasol? What's the advantage of applying sunscreen

The most common skin care in summer, of course, is sunscreen. In addition to wearing a hat, playing a sun umbrella and applying sunscreen, then a friend asked, do you need to apply sunscreen to play a sun umbrella? Let's look for the answer to this question!

Do you still use sunscreen for sunshade

In fact, it's still necessary. Umbrella is not completely able to block ultraviolet rays. It's better to be comprehensive.

1. The sunshade used in summer can cover half of the light, but it can't completely protect the sun. Because visible light and ultraviolet light can reach your skin indirectly through the reflection of other places, 20% of them are reflected by water, 15-25% by sand, so form the habit of using sunscreen all the year round.

2. In fact, not only in summer, spring and autumn and winter festival, even in cloudy days, the intensity of ultraviolet rays can not be underestimated. Although it can't be seen for a while, melanin is slowly accumulating in our body, and it will affect our skin for a long time. Make up must be removed every day after applying sunscreen.

3. Sunshade has certain sunscreen effect, but there will be some ultraviolet rays shining on the skin through reflection, so only taking an umbrella can not guarantee the sunscreen effect, or you need to apply sunscreen.

4. If you spend more than half an hour outdoors in strong sunlight for a long time, sunscreen is recommended even if you are using an umbrella. If the winter sun is not strong for less than 1 hour, just play sunshade.

Is sunscreen useful

Useful, but to buy their own products, buy a little better sunscreen.

1. Sunscreen can whiten the skin, but it can't whiten the skin in a real sense. It can only look white after application and recover the skin's own color after makeup removal.

2. And sunscreen is to add sunscreen that can block or absorb ultraviolet rays to prevent skin from sunburn and sunburn. The main function is to prevent the skin from tanning and sunburn, without the real whitening effect.

3. With the environmental air pollution, the hole in the ozone layer is becoming larger and larger. Ultraviolet rays can more accurately irradiate the ground and human skin, thus endangering human skin health. Therefore, it is necessary to apply sunscreen every day.

4. Sunscreen is the most classic sunscreen product. It contains the ingredients of sunscreen, which can protect the skin from UV rays and prevent the skin from sunburn. UV rays are available 365 days a year, so it is no problem to apply sunscreen every day to protect the skin.

Precautions for sun protection

1. There are many places that need sunscreen in life, such as working in front of a computer for a long time, and some protective measures should be taken for the face skin. Ultraviolet rays in the sun, even in mist, overcast and cloudy weather, still exist, so always pay attention to sun protection.

2. We should cultivate some good habits of sunscreen in our daily life. For example, regardless of summer and winter, you must wear sunscreen before going out. In hot summer, avoid going out between 10am and 3pm.

3. The general sunscreen anti perspiration level is 30 minutes, and the waterproof level is 80 minutes. If you are in the sun for a long time, you should repeatedly apply sunscreen, preferably every hour.

4. Sensitive skin has poor tolerance to some effective ingredients added in sunscreen products, and improper use may lead to more serious damage to sensitive skin. So if you are sensitive skin, you should pay more attention to the ingredients when choosing sunscreen products.

5, I do not know if you have encountered these conditions: how to frantically protect sunscreen / whitening essence, the skin is still yellow, black, yellow and black. Have you ever thought that the reason why your skin is dark and yellow is actually that you often stay up late, resulting in poor complexion, rather than sunburn.