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When is the iPhone XS coming into the market? Introduction to the differences between iPhone XS and the iPhone XS plus will be the largest iPhone in Apple's history? Apple will launch a new phone in September 2018. This new version is an improvement on the original iPhone X. So what's the difference between the iPhone XS and the iPhone x? When will the iPhone XS be available?

It's almost a month before Apple's new product launch in autumn, and there are more and more Internet leaks about the new iPhone. Recently, three new iPhones have been collected and launched overseas by netizens. Let's see if this design can be approved by you.

Mobilefun pointed out that its message source showed that the maximum 6.5-inch version would be named iPhone XS plus, while the 5.8-inch version would be called iPhone XS, the s-upgrade of iPhone X. For the 6.1-inch version, it will be named iPhone (2018). From the perspective of the model, the iPhone XS plus and the iPhone XS continue to adopt the vertical dual camera configuration, while the iPhone (2018) continues to adopt the single camera configuration. Not surprisingly, Apple will officially launch three new products at its new product launch in September. The final answer will be whether or not.

In short, the appearance design of iPhone XS and iPhone XS plus is basically the same as that of iPhone x currently on sale, and iPhone XS plus is only slightly larger. The iPhone (2018) is slightly different from the previous one. The flash of the phone is placed under the camera in a vertical row, which is significantly different from other iPhones. According to another industry chain news, the new iPhone's protective shell is roughly the same in appearance design, but the size is different, which is basically consistent with the above news. It seems that this year, in addition to two iPhone x upgrade products, the single camera version of the new iPhone is likely to be the biggest surprise.

Compared with last year, the current price of iPhone x must be low. The price of the top matching version of iPhone x is nearly 10000 yuan, and the price after the price reduction is not low. Instead of buying an 'old' product, it's better to wait for a new one. Anyway, it's only more than a month. According to the information disclosed by the outside world, Apple will launch a new version of iPhone x, which means that many processes and components may still use the old iPhone x, which means that the new version of iPhone X does not need to be like the old iPhone Like x, suppliers and manufacturers are very skilled in delayed delivery, screen, processor and other aspects, and their production capacity will be greatly improved, which will naturally meet Apple's demand, so that the new iPhone delivery will not be too late. Finally, in terms of configuration, no surprise, the three new iPhones will all adopt Apple's latest A12 processor, which is based on TSMC's 7Nm process technology and will support more powerful AI and AR functions. Interestingly, Yu Chengdong of Huawei disclosed at the recent Huawei terminal performance communication meeting that the next generation of Hisilicon self-developed chip Qilin 980 will appear at the IFA exhibition in September this year, and the world's first commercial 7Nm process.