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When is the end of 2018

Three dog days is the hottest time in summer. Now it has entered the middle of 2018 and is about to enter the end of 2018. When will the end of 2018 start? When is the end of 2018? Let's get to know.

What's the last day of 2018

Mid August is the last period of the dog days.

August 16, 2018 - August 25, 2018, the beginning and the end, 10 days.

The time of three dog days is determined by its calculation method. On the lunar calendar, the third day after the summer solstice is called the first day, the fourth day is called the middle day, and the first day after the beginning of autumn is called the last day. The three Geng days of each year do not correspond to fixed Gregorian calendar dates. As the first day of the year appears at different times, the starting and ending times of the three volts are different. Geng day occurs once every 10 days, so there are 30 and 40 days in the dog days.

Last fall usually refers to a period of time from the first day after the beginning of autumn to the day before the second day (ten days in total). After entering the last fall, it is not far from autumn. Generally speaking, the hottest of the three volts is Zhongfu, but don't think it's not hot to enter the terminal. The folk terminal is also called "autumn tiger", so the terminal must be careful to prevent the high temperature from returning.

End of 2018

August 16 is the beginning of the last fall, until August 25.

Geng day formula: GR = (D - [y / 4]) mod10 (GR Geng day, d even year 1 odd year 6, y year, rounding, mod surplus)

For example, in 2006, GR = (1 - [6 / 4]) mod10 = 0 (10), on July 20, 30, and 9.

The last day is a fixed time, 10 days a year, and the establishment of the last day is based on Zhongfu. The date of Zhongfu is 20 days, and the last day is 20 days after Zhongfu. After the last day, the weather will start to cool, and the hot summer will come to an end.

To eat more heat and humidity of food such as watermelon, balsam pear, peach, plum, strawberry, tomato, cucumber, mung bean and so on is also conducive to heatstroke.

Last precautions

1. Appropriate amount of outdoor sports can invigorate Yang Qi, promote the movement of temper, improve appetite, and take micro sweat as appropriate.

2. Relieve heat and cool down to a certain degree. Do not blindly covet cold.

3. We should arrange personal living reasonably to ensure proper sleep and rest.

4. In summer and wet season, legume food is more popular because most legume food is sweet and flat, rich in protein, vitamins, trace elements and other substances, which has the effect of benefiting qi, spleen and body. In the long summer season, legumes can provide enough nutrition for human body.

5. The weather is warm, the energy consumption of the body is large, coupled with the loss of appetite, resulting in the decline of human immunity and resistance. The resistance is overdrawn when the head is subdued or the middle is subdued, and many people in the end may neglect health care, which may easily lead to chest tightness, shortness of breath, or even be knocked down by the heat, resulting in heatstroke or 'hot cold'.

6. Finally Fu qingbu, mainly for invigorating the spleen and promoting dampness, can eat the food of dispelling dampness and heat, invigorating the spleen and stomach.