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Can drink carbonated beverage cause kidney stone?

now I don't know why many people find that they have stones when they have a physical examination, so I am very confused about the reason

Many people also point the finger at carbonated drinks. Is there really such a reason? Let's have a comprehensive analysis

In fact, there are many reasons for kidney stones. Carbonated drinks do increase the risk of disease. On the one hand, the calcium content of drinks is very high.

On the other hand, carbonated drinks can easily lead to acid-base imbalance in the body, lead to internal environment disorder, and also easily lead to stones.

Generally speaking, if the stone is small, it can be discharged by drinking more water and exercising more.

If the stone is large or stuck, surgical treatment should be considered. Most conservative methods are difficult to achieve results

When the kidney stone is big, it will affect the urinary system and the damage of renal function. It needs to be treated in time

The Department can choose Urology, in addition to develop good habits is also good for the body, drink more than 2000 ml of water every day, and the food is light.