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Is it still hot after three volts? What's the solar term after three volts

Three dog days is the hottest time of the year. Is it still hot after three volt solar terms? What is the solar term after three volts? Let's have a look.

Is it still hot after the dog days

It's still hot, but it's only for a while. After that, the temperature began to cool completely.

1. In summer, there is much rain and air humidity, and the heat capacity of water is much larger than that of dry air, which is also an important reason for the sultry weather. In July and August, the subtropical high was strengthened. Under the control of the subtropical high, the downdraft inside the high pressure made the weather clear and cloudless, which was conducive to the sunshine, the ground radiation increased temperature, and the weather was even hotter. Therefore, the climate characteristics of "three dog days" are high temperature, low air pressure, high humidity and low wind speed. At this time, the feeling of human body is naturally sultry.

2. "Heat in three volts", especially in the city, as if in a huge steamer. After falling into the ground, the surface humidity increases, more heat is absorbed every day, less heat is emitted, and the heat of the surface layer accumulates, so it gets hotter day by day, entering into the third volt, the accumulated heat of the ground area reaches the highest peak, and the weather is the hottest.

3. It means that there is a rainy day and the heat fades away, while the solar term for summer heat treatment means that the heat is over and the weather should be cooler and cooler. However, in some areas of the south, people who have just experienced a little bit of autumn are often at the end of summer heat, and feel the hot weather again, that is, the legendary autumn tiger.

What is the solar term after the dog days

Bailu, the weather is getting cold.

1. After three dog days, it's summer heat. At last, it's autumn. Even the so-called autumn tiger is hot in the daytime and cool in the morning and evening. There will be exceptions, of course, but that is, after all, an anomaly in a few years.

2. The solar term indicates that the hot summer is about to pass and autumn is coming. When the beginning of autumn comes, many parts of our country are still in the hot summer. Although it's hard to get rid of the heat for a while after the beginning of autumn and the aftereffect of "autumn tiger", the general trend of the weather is that the weather is gradually cool. The temperature difference between morning and evening is gradually obvious, which is usually very hot in the daytime, but relatively cool at night. Of course, due to different climates across the country, the real starting time of autumn is not the same.

3. The weather will gradually turn cool, especially after this year's ambush, it has been half a month since the beginning of autumn, so the temperature will definitely drop after this year's three dog days, and the weather will gradually turn cool. Because the dog days are the hottest time of the year. When they reach the hot peak, they will be in a downward trend of temperature. But it doesn't mean that the temperature will drop all of a sudden. It's just that compared with the hot days, the temperature will be lower, and the temperature difference will increase sooner or later.

Precautions for dog days

1. Many people don't like eating because of the hot weather, so they just eat some fruits and vegetables. Although the fruits and vegetables are rich in nutrition, the local area can't meet the needs of human nutrition, for example, the common protein can't meet the needs of human body, so don't affect the balance of diet because of the hot weather.

2. Many people choose to let the cold air of the air conditioner blow directly to themselves in pursuit of cool pleasure. It feels cool, but the health is lost. Therefore, when we blow the air conditioner, we try to let the cold air outlet blow upward, which is easier to improve the refrigeration efficiency and ensure the health.

3. Cold drink is very effective in cooling the body, and has a good taste. Therefore, it has won the favor of many people. We are always happy about it. Cold drink can not leave our hands, but a large number of cold drinks will cause the contraction of gastric mucosa blood vessels, affect digestion, and even cause stomach diseases.

4. If you don't go out in three rainy days, turn on the air conditioner at home? That's not to say. The air conditioner can blow, but don't stay in the air conditioner for a long time. That's how many people's air conditioning diseases come from. They should adapt to the internal and external environment, so that they don't get up suddenly to go out and feel sultry and uncomfortable.

5. For example, loofah, cucumber, winter melon or mung bean soup, etc., all of which have the effect of clearing away heat and detoxification, but the stomach is not good, you must eat them properly to prevent the stomach from cold. You must have a good eating habit in the dog days.