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What's the best food for kidney stones

kidney is the foundation of human body, and kidney health has been concerned by people all the time. Because of people's living habits and environment and other factors. The incidence rate of kidney stones is increasing year by year, and the trend of younger is. Kidney stone is a common kidney disease, which seriously threatens people's health. So what food can prevent and treat kidney stone? Let's share with you!

Honey contains a variety of trace elements, eat honey can play a certain role in the treatment of kidney stones.

Auricularia auricula is rich in trace elements and minerals. It is not only the killer of kidney stones, but also the killer of many kinds of stones. Eat more Auricularia auricula can react to all kinds of stones, make them differentiate, dissolve and discharge from the body.

Mildewy and sweet with mildewy wheat bran, it has the effect of relieving tiredness, relieving diarrhea and relieving drenching, and can be used to prevent the recurrence of stones.

As we all know, calcium is the main component of kidney stones, while calcium in dairy products can help the body to remove other substances that are easy to form stones.

Red bean has the effect of invigorating the spleen, drying dampness, detumescence and detoxification. It can be used alone or in combination with chicken internal gold and citronella root to treat various types of stones.

Lentils are warm and sweet. They have the effect of warming the middle part of the body and tonifying the kidney. They can be used to treat kidney stones for a long time.

Pear is rich in vitamin B1 and vitamin C, which is good for dissolving kidney stones.