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How long can yuezi disease show how to treat it after getting yuezi disease it's a big event for a woman to have a baby. However, when she has a baby and sits in the moon, some mothers will get the disease. How to treat the disease? How long can it be shown?

How long can yuezi disease show

How long the disease can be shown varies from person to person. Generally, the month will appear in the postpartum women, because the women are weak after childbirth, some diseases caused by improper maintenance, such as joint pain, fear of cold and so on.

The time when the disease appears is not the same. Some people show it before they have finished sitting or just finished sitting. Some people show it slowly and little by little after several years.

Symptoms of meniscus disease

The clinical manifestations of yuezi disease are: dizziness, head sinking or pain after childbirth, numbness, pain, sweating, cold body, shivering and other symptoms such as waist, knee, ankle, wrist, etc., which are aggravated by cold, wind and rainy weather.

Due to excessive sadness, worry, crying in the wind, and depression, it is easy to cause stagnation of liver qi, resulting in poor blood flow, Qi and blood stagnation and easy to lose nutrition. Besides the pain of moving joints, there are also factors such as numbness, convulsion, swelling pain, etc.

How to treat yuezi disease

Early investigation and early treatment

In a month, no matter what disease you get, you should find it as soon as possible and see a doctor in time.

During the period of confinement, the female body is very weak. If the mother to be has any discomfort, she must be treated in time and be alert to the possible lesions in the body, such as pelvic inflammation, endometritis, mastitis, episiotomy wound or cesarean section wound inflammation, etc.

Symptomatic treatment

The mother to be who finds problems in the month must seek advice and treatment from a doctor in a regular hospital, and do not blindly listen to biased prescriptions and experience.

If you blindly and randomly go to the doctor, and are keen on local methods and secret recipes, or take drugs you want, you may delay diagnosis, delay treatment, and turn the disease into chronic and long-term entanglement.


Dietary care during childbirth for expectant mothers is as important as that during pregnancy. Because expectant mothers need extra nutrition to supplement the consumption of childbirth and lactation. However, the first day or two after childbirth, should eat some light and digestible food.

The principle of future diet is to be rich in nutrition and to provide enough calories. In terms of diet, do not overeat or overeat. Do not eat raw, cool or spicy food.

Keep a good mood

Generally in the postpartum 4 weeks, the mother to be is the most likely to get the disease. Expectant mothers don't need to put too much pressure on themselves. They need to keep a good mood when watching their lovely baby.

Not angry, not dry, open-minded, less thinking, pay attention to keeping hands and feet warm, avoid cold water stimulation, avoid overwork, do more anal contraction exercise to strengthen the flexibility of pelvic floor muscles; ask the health care doctor to guide you to do post natal aerobics.

It is very important for a woman's body to be affected by confinement disease, so we must seize the best time to sit in confinement. We must not neglect to cause sequelae, which will affect the health of the whole life, especially the important thing.