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Can yam have breast enhancement yam has a very high nutritional value. Many female friends like yam very much. Because yam has a good breast enhancement effect, moderate consumption can promote breast development. How can yam be used to breast enhancement?

Can yam have breast enhancement

Chinese yam has the function of breast augmentation, but the effect can only be seen if it is taken for a long time. However, there are many ways to make Chinese yam breast augmentation, so you don't need to worry about it.

Yam also known as Huaishan, Huaishan yam. It's smooth and sweet. Its tuber is rich in a variety of essential amino acids, proteins and starch, with mucilaginous, allantoin, choline, cellulose, fat, vitamin A, B2, C, calcium, phosphorus, iron, iodine and other minerals, which can provide a variety of essential nutrients for the human body. Can provide a variety of essential nutrients for breast development. Besides, yam has enough dietary fiber, which makes you feel full after eating, so you don't need to worry about getting fat at the same time of breast enhancement.

Yam is rich in fiber, easy to make people feel full, so as to control appetite, and rich dietary fiber can promote gastrointestinal peristalsis, which is quite good for constipation obesity. Chinese yam has high nutritional value and low calories. 100 grams of Chinese yam is only 57 calories. Even if you eat too much, it is not easy to get fat. More importantly, the mucus in yam contains the basic substances of female hormones, which can promote the synthesis of hormones and have significant breast enhancement effect.

Therefore, yam is a very ideal diet food. Yam for women, it contains enough fiber, after eating will produce a sense of fullness, so as to control the desire to eat, is a natural slimming food. Secondly, yam itself is a kind of food with high nutrition and low calorie, which can be eaten more safely without worrying about obesity.

Chinese yam breast enhancement recipe

Rice congee with red bean and yam

Raw materials: red bean, job's tears, yam, oats

Method: wash yam, peel and cut into pieces, crush some oats for cooking. Put the red beans and job's tears in the pot, boil for 3 minutes, turn off the fire, cover and simmer for half an hour, then put the yam and oatmeal in the pot, boil for 3 minutes, then simmer for 3 and a half hours, and then eat them. You can add some white sugar to taste according to your own taste.

Pork ribs soup with Chinese date and yam

Raw materials: yam, jujube, spareribs, ginger, medlar

Method: remove the core of red jujube, wash the hair for standby, wash the yam, peel and cut into pieces, and wash and cut into pieces the ribs. First put the cut ribs into boiling water and blanch them for a while, then remove the oil and blood. Then put the spareribs, yams, red dates and wolfberry into the pot, add water, boil them in high heat, and then stew them in low heat for two hours before eating.

Chinese yam and pig's feet soup

Raw materials: jujube, pig's hoof, yam, rice wine

Method: wash yam, peel and cut into pieces for use, wash red dates and remove stones for use, wash pig's hooves and remove hairs, cut into pieces, blanch in boiling water and remove greasiness. Add a large amount of clear water to the pot, put pig's hoof, yam and rice wine into the pot together, boil for about 10 minutes in high heat, turn to low heat and simmer for 2 hours, and then serve after seasoning.

Yam yoghurt

Raw materials: yam powder, yoghurt

Method: pour the ground yam powder into the yoghurt and stir evenly, then serve. Lazy MM who can't cook and want to have breast enhancement can try this method. It has no sticky taste of yam, and is easy to eat. The rich protein in yogurt with yam powder makes your chest fuller and fuller.

What kind of food can you eat

1. Papaya

Papaya's breast enhancement is the most prominent in all foods. The papaya alcohol contained in papaya has a very good role in promoting breast development, and the vitamin E contained in papaya is also of great significance for breast enhancement and health care. However, Papaya contains papaya alkali, excessive use will cause abdominal pain.

2. Nuts

Seeds, nuts: soybeans, peanuts contain a lot of lecithin, almonds, walnuts, sesame are rich in protein, they are good breast foods.

3. Meat

Beef, lean meat and other high protein, can help the chest muscle growth. Pig's feet and chicken's feet are rich in gum, which can promote the fullness of chest tissue.

4. Olive oil and fish fat

The first olive oil cooking food and fish oil or fat are very strong in anti-oxidation performance, especially from marine fish such as cod, which is rich in & omega; - 3 fatty acids, which improves the basic medical activity of all your human cells, and is also the protein food that foreign breast enhancement women often eat. These foods contain very rich trace elements.

5. Soybean

Soybeans, green beans and black beans are well-known breast foods, rich in protein, lecithin and other substances. Chicken wings (especially wings and tips) are rich in collagen, which is beneficial to breast enhancement.

6. Pig's foot

Pig's feet are rich in collagen and colloid, which is why we generally require our skinny sisters to eat pig's feet and other collagen foods. Cow's hoof tendon, chicken skin, pig's hoof and so on have a great effect on your quick breast enhancement plan.

7. Royal jelly

Royal jelly is one of the familiar supplements. It has a good breast enhancement effect, not only containing protein, amino acid and vitamin. It also has a special substance which can stimulate the normal secretion of female hormones, and this substance directly affects the growth and development of female breasts, can shorten the time of breast fullness, and start the effect of rapid breast enlargement.