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How is sunscreen best in summer

summer is coming, and the temperature of 40 degrees is very frequent. For many girls, it's like the end of the world. After all, beautiful faces can't stand the strong light, so how can we prevent skin from getting sunburnt?

Lip protection is the soft part of our body. Intense sunlight can cause peeling or swelling of the lips after a certain period of time. We can use some lip balm with sunscreen function to protect it.

Make up in time. Although some sunscreens have the function of anti perspiration, we should not overestimate these sunscreens. It is suggested that we should use more sunscreens and more sunscreens. That is to say, if we sweat a lot after application, we need to apply them again, so as to protect our skin from sunburn.

Pay attention to the dosage. Summer is different from winter, so we must work hard on the dosage of sunscreen. Here we suggest that when you use sunscreen, you should keep applying more vigorously, and only a little more can protect your skin from sunburn.

For protection in cloudy days, some women feel that they don't need to apply sunscreen when the weather is overcast. In fact, this idea is wrong. You should know that UVA is not a substance that can be easily covered by clouds, so it's good for them to apply more.

Regional choice. Secondly, we should use sunscreen products according to specific circumstances. For example, we should go to the seaside or work under the strong sunlight for a long time. When we choose sunscreen products, we should use the high coefficient sunscreen lotion. If it is his environment, we should reduce the coefficient.

In a word, if the sun is really strong, we should not go out. For girls, when we go out, we can take a sunscreen umbrella and apply some sunscreen. After all, two layers of functional anti glare are better than direct sunlight on the face.