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How to deal with neck pain of office workers

for office workers, it's a common situation to have neck pain after sitting and watching computers for a long time. It's also what we often say about cervical spondylosis. So how should we prevent and treat neck pain at ordinary times? What should we do? Let's take a look at it in detail today.

First of all, we can change a more comfortable chair. If the company can apply, it may as well apply for one. If it can't, it's OK to buy one by ourselves. It's better to have a backrest, so that the back can be supported and the burden of the neck can be reduced.

In addition, when there is neck pain, you can also use ice cold compress. If the neck is slightly injured, ice is conducive to swelling and heat compress. After using ice compress to eliminate inflammation, heat therapy is an excellent relaxant. You can use a hot pad or take a hot bath.

To avoid often bow, sitting at a desk or reading words, do not keep bow posture for too long, so as to avoid tight muscles on the back of the neck.

For those who often use the computer, they will have neck pain. If you work in front of the computer, you should pay attention to keep the monitor and the line of sight water. If you force yourself to look up or down for hours, it may cause neck cramps.

For regular phone calls or telemarketing, try to minimize phone conversations. When talking on the phone, it is easy to make the neck fall into a bad posture, which leads to stiff neck and sore neck.

Finally, for office workers, pay attention to diet, usually eat more vegetables, fruits, which is better for bones, but also drink some milk, which is better for office workers.