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Was forced to get off the plane just after the plastic surgery due to sticking adhesive tape on the

Can I take a plane just after finishing the plastic surgery? What's the harm of taking a plane for plastic surgery? On August 16, China Eastern Airlines published a microblog saying that it has paid attention to the article that Ningbo girl was forced to get off the plane due to sticking adhesive tape on her nose. According to the investigation, this report is inconsistent with the fact.

On August 4, flight attendants found a passenger's whole nose wrapped with gauze during boarding of Beijing Ningbo flight, China Eastern Airlines said in its microblog. Upon enquiry, they learned that the passenger had just completed the nose filling operation a few days ago and failed to provide relevant medical certificates for safe boarding. The change of air pressure at high altitude may have an impact on the wound that has not been healed. The crew shall arrange passengers to disembark according to the regulations from the perspective of passengers' own safety.

According to previous reports, the 19-year-old Ningbo girl Xiaoxiang flew from Beijing to Ningbo on the China Eastern Airlines flight on August 4. Because of the adhesive tape on her nose, she was questioned by the purser that she had undergone plastic surgery. After boarding, she was' expelled 'from the cabin and had to sign another airline flight At the beginning of July, China Eastern Airlines issued a notice that in consideration of the flight safety of passengers, those undergoing plastic surgery must take a flight 15 days later and issue a medical certificate But Xiaoxiang denied that he had had a nose facelift, expressing strong dissatisfaction with China Eastern's rules and the practice of forcing her off the plane. Finally, Xiaoxiang was advised by the purser and the ground crew to get off the plane and sign the same day's Air China flight.

How long can I fly after plastic surgery

1. If you have had plastic surgery, chest, abdomen, nervous system or ear, nose and throat surgery, you'd better wait 10-14 days before flying, which is safer.

2. If it is a simple and minimally invasive operation. For example: double eyelid, augmentation rhinoplasty and so on, as long as the suture is removed after the operation, or even before the suture is removed, but it should be at least 4 days after the operation, the injury is basically stable, there is no problem in the doctor's examination after dressing change, and the risk of bleeding from the wound is significantly reduced before taking the aircraft.

3. In case of liposuction operation, especially after liposuction operation of lower limbs, take care not to let legs droop for too long and avoid leg swelling. During the flight, walk in the aisle or do exercises on the seat. To stretch your calves, or try to raise your legs and wear compression stockings to prevent blood clots.

4. After the operation, the beauty seeker should keep enough water in the body on the plane, do not drink caffeinated and alcoholic drinks, and do proper activities.

However, everyone's physical health is not the same. The specific situation depends on everyone's pre-operative health, whether the operation is smooth, and the postoperative recovery. Liu Meixiao Bian reminds the beauty seekers not to take the plane immediately after plastic surgery. It's better to communicate with the plastic surgeon and follow the plastic surgeon's instructions, so as to ensure everyone's beautiful travel.