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Do you eat durian nuclear power? What are the effects and functions of durian nuclear power

World Wide Web: Durian has always been known as the "king of fruit". Many people like to eat it, but some people don't like its taste, and they can't stand it. Do you know that durian kernel can be eaten?

Durian nuclear power

Durian kernel is wrapped in the flesh. Many people eat durian directly to chew the flesh and spit out the kernel. But in fact, durian kernel is also a good thing. It can be eaten raw or boiled with its nutritional and medicinal value. The boiled water can be drunk or fried. The taste is a little bit like chestnut and taro. It tastes good.

In Guangdong, people use durian kernel to make soup.

Effect and function of durian nucleus

Durian is one of the most famous tropical fruits in Thailand, but it has been widely praised and criticized. Although its nutritional value is very high, its taste is too strong. Lovers praise its fragrance, while detested its stink. Moreover, the weight of the shell and core of durian almost accounts for two-thirds of the total weight of durian, but its price is not low, so not many people often eat it.

Durian kernel, like durian, is rich in nutrients, high in sugar and calories, rich in protein, fat, carbohydrate, vitamin A, vitamin B and vitamin C, as well as various minerals. It can supplement many essential nutrients for human body.

1. It has the functions of invigorating the kidney and spleen, as well as clearing, nourishing qi and Yin. Use it to boil water to drink, still can treat skin disease.

2. Vitamin A contained in it is an important nutrient element for human body to maintain epithelial cell tissue health, normal vision, and promote growth and development. It can also enhance physical fitness and increase resistance to infectious diseases. The vitamin in durian nucleus can not be ignored for the physiological function of human body and their curative effect for many diseases.

3. The content of potassium and calcium in durian nucleus is particularly high. The metabolism of potassium and energy, protein and carbohydrate, as well as material transport, can effectively prevent and treat hypertension. Calcium is an important substance in human bones, which is helpful for bone development and growth. There are also iron, zinc, magnesium and other elements, which can participate in the composition of a variety of enzymes in the human body and maintain the normal immune function of the human body. Zinc plays an important role in human immune system and defense function, and is an important part of enzyme.

So durian kernel has many functions. People who like to eat durian should not throw it away. Before eating durian, take the kernel manually, which is more hygienic. Then, eat durian kernel raw or cooked, and supplement nutrition. People who like durian should not forget.