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What should be paid attention to in the exercise of chest muscles it's not strange for people who love sports and often keep fit. It's simple and convenient. It's very popular with fitness enthusiasts. There are many ways to exercise it. Although it's very simple to use it, you should pay attention to some matters. Where do you exercise your muscles?

Where does the muscle of the thruster work


Chest clipper: the only way to get the line and shape of the medial chest muscle is chest clipper. Under normal pressure, the contraction of the pectoral muscle only means that the arms are stretched straight in front of the chest, while the chest is clamped by the stretcher, which allows you to squeeze the pectoral muscle to the maximum extent, and stimulate the pectoral muscle through the crossing of the arms. The pectoral muscle is continuously tense. Every time you train, you can squeeze your chest muscles for 1-2 seconds to get more 'burning'. If you put the chest clipper at the end of your chest training, you will get the best results. At this time, the main part of the chest muscle will be exhausted. In practice, we need to do all the work with the medial pectoralis muscle, and focus on the upper and middle part of the pectoralis muscle, preferably in the form of upward inclination.

The biceps brachii

1. Double arm stretcher bending: it can maintain the continuous tension of biceps brachii throughout the movement range. There are two types of exercises: one is the bending of the double arm side flat thruster, which requires the two upper arms to be always parallel to the ground; the other is the bending of the standing double arm thruster, which requires the two upper arms to be close to the side of the body, the thruster is pulled in front of the body, or the wire rope of the thruster is between the two legs, starting from behind

2. Single arm stretcher bending: it can make biceps muscle bifurcate on the muscle peak, deepen the crack and widen the bulge, and make the brachial muscle more prominent. By turning the wrist so that the palm is down and down, you can exercise any part of the biceps in isolation. In the process of strengthening the biceps alone, there will not be a certain auxiliary muscle to reach exhaustion first.

Triceps brachii

1. Thruster downward pressure: it can make triceps brachii obtain long-term pressure, and can do hard peak contraction at the bottom, and generate a burning swelling feeling in the last few exercises, which has a good strengthening effect on the deep layer of triceps brachii to the upper part of horseshoe shape.

2. Stretch the back arm of neck: it is mainly to shape the line and shape of triceps brachii. It uses low strength, medium weight and many times to contract at the peak of the contraction position of the muscle as much as possible, so as to make triceps brachii get the burning feeling of swelling finally.

3. Single arm counter grip stretcher: by turning the wrist to make the palm up and down, stimulate any part of triceps brachii in isolation, so that the muscle is highlighted, especially the medial and lateral head of triceps brachii.

Exercise precautions for spring tension machine

1. Pay attention to warming up

No matter what kind of action you use the spring-loaded machine to do, you should do a warm-up exercise before you start. Stretch the joints, such as jogging for a few minutes, wrapping the joints for 3-5 minutes, so as to move the muscles, joints and ligaments of the body.

2. Ensure the correctness of actions

When using the spring-loaded thruster, make sure the action is standard and correct, so as to exercise muscles.

3. Step by step

To exercise with spring thruster, you can't increase the intensity of exercise at one time because it can exercise the chest muscle or arm muscle. You can exercise dozens of times each time, exceeding the load you can bear. Exercise should be carried out step by step, slowly increase the intensity of exercise, so as to avoid the occurrence of sports injury on the basis of ensuring the exercise effect.

Is spring thruster useful for exercise

Spring thruster exercise is useful.

Although the spring stretcher is relatively simple, it has a variety of exercise methods. Using it to exercise not only the latissimus dorsi and pectoral muscles, but also the muscles on the arms and thighs can play a better role.

What should be paid attention to in chest muscle training

1. Match with other exercises

It's not so obvious that the effect of training chest muscle by spring-loaded thruster alone, so it can be carried out with other exercises, such as dumbbell's supine press, oblique press, push-up, pull-up and other exercise methods, which can help to exercise chest muscle.

2. Ensure the intensity of exercise

If you want to use the spring stretcher to exercise the chest muscle, you need to ensure that you have enough exercise intensity every time. You can exercise four groups every day, each group doing about 15.

3. Stick to long-term exercise

Chest exercise is not a short time to see good results, it needs long-term continuous exercise. Make sure you exercise at least four times a week.