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2018 most worthy of long-term credit card high-end ranking

Sihai network: the society is constantly improving, people's consumption concept is constantly updated, mobile phone is only available, shopping cards are only available, and there are more and more cards on hand. But there is always a credit card that needs to be held for a long time, after all, it is limited to Alipay, Jingdong and so on. So, which credit cards are most worth having for a long time? Let's summarize them.

It is very difficult to select six cards from more than 2000 cards of each bank. First, let's talk about the selection principle. Since it is held for a long time, it is normal consumption. There are many preferential activities, continuous increase, conscience of charge and high rights and interests.

Guangfa Zhenshang platinum card

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High-speed rail travel has become the daily choice of the vast majority of people, and the coverage of high-speed rail is growing. However, although the high-speed rail is beautiful, it's hard to think about the crowded high-speed rail station in the waiting room. If you don't have to squeeze it next time you travel on the high-speed rail, you only need to have Guangfa platinum credit card.

Card users can enter the VIP rooms of high-speed rail in Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Shenzhen, Hangzhou and other major cities of the country for rest without reservation and unlimited times. In general, Guangfa's exclusive high-speed railway VIP room is conveniently located near the ticket gate; it is escorted by a specially assigned person, and priority is given to boarding. In addition to the exclusive high-speed rail VIP room of GF, the cardholder can also get the Longteng card free of charge and receive 4 times / year of Longteng high-speed rail VIP room courtesy.

In three months after issuing the card, GF Zhenbai will swipe the card for three times for 88 yuan, that is, free of the annual fee for the first year. In the same year, it will swipe the card for 12 times without the annual fee for the next year. Self service will enjoy the three-stage service fee concessions. Points can be exchanged for miles of multiple airlines, and there is no pressure to keep the card.

PUFA AE white

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PUFA aebai has affected the hearts of many users. Inspirational brother has applied for fifty or sixty times and finally got platinum.

This card has been said to be rotten. According to car9, its biggest advantages include: the best cost-effective platinum card that can exchange points for annual fees, super many welfare rights and interests (hotels, airports, 5 times of points), starting from the amount of 10 W, hanging other platinum cards. Of course, its threshold is also higher and higher. It holds platinum cards of China Merchants Bank, CITIC, Bank of China, Bank of communications and other banks, with a credit line of 100000 yuan or more, or an annual after tax income of 400000 yuan.

As the current God card, of course, it is worth having for a long time. Credit card is a must for people.

ABC beautiful upgrade mom credit card

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With children, all kinds of extra clothing and education costs will increase. A beautiful mother can always meet the needs of the whole family perfectly, because she has the perfect beautiful mother card. Beautiful mom card is not exclusive to beautiful mom. Dadaoren can apply for it. The card can not only provide exclusive rights and interests such as baby products, women's health, early education and training for all Baoma people, but also provide various activities such as swiping cards and shopping.

If the gold card is swiped for 5 times, there will be no annual fee for the next year; if the silver union platinum card is swiped for 12 times, there will be no annual fee for the next year. It's the first year free. Visa platinum is free of annual fees during the term of validity. It has also won the best service credit card award, which is time tested and worth holding for a long time.

Ping An owner card

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Now many people have cars. The biggest cost of car maintenance is to refuel. At present, there are many master cards on the market. Ping An's master card is suitable for daily refueling and accidents, and is suitable for long-term holding.

88% off gas: new card users go to the cooperative gas station for gas at the end of the second month after the card is re opened, 88% off, 80 yuan capped. For the old customers, the monthly consumption is over 2000 yuan, and the monthly refueling is 88% off, 80 yuan capped. This condition is considered to be at the middle and upper level in the car owners; the gas stations cover PetroChina and Sinopec in 48 major cities across the country.

In addition to refueling, safe car owner's card is more lethal in terms of national free rescue. From the next day after swiping the card, you can apply for free road rescue service within 30 kilometers each time (including accidents and non accidents); you can enjoy it once a day, unlimited days throughout the year. Half the car broke down. It's very expensive to find a trailer company. It's conscience service.

In terms of annual fee, the first annual fee is 200, and the next annual fee is 3W, which is free.

Wal Mart card of BOCOM

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Walmart card, not shenka, but it's a good card.

If you want to hold it for a long time, you need to be able to swipe it. Wal Mart card can enjoy the general discount of Bank of Communications: 5% cash back activity on the hottest Friday, swipe it every week, and you can participate in the super hottest Friday! As for points for money, swipe card money back is also attractive.

Due to the strict risk control of Bank of communications, it has an advantage for the honest people who normally swipe their cards. The amount raised and the loan enjoyed can be improved normally. If it's for card and TaOx, it's not recommended to enter.

Classic white card of China Merchants Bank

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Although the classic white card of CMB is only the fifth high-end entry-level white gold card in the CMB system, it is also quite valuable as the only one that can be free of annual fees and has rights and interests. The face value of the card is standard, not outstanding, but classic enough. As one of the three whites of DS, the segment is enough. It can not only exchange mileage, enjoy Airport VIP service, aviation delay allowance, points for annual fee, but also hotel discounts, free physical examination, oral care, etc., with many eye-catching rights and interests.