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How to run to lose weight? Which is the best way to lose weight every time we talk about the topic of fitness and weight loss, people usually think of running and rope skipping. Running and rope skipping have very good effects on fitness and weight loss. Which one is better?

Which is the best way to lose weight, running or rope skipping

Skipping is better than running because it consumes more calories.

Rope skipping and running are both good exercise ways to lose weight. Compared with running, rope skipping has a faster weight loss effect. According to the calculation, the ten minute heat consumption of rope skipping is half an hour's heat consumption of running, so the weight loss effect of rope skipping during the same exercise is more prominent.

Skipping for 30 minutes can consume 400 calories, while running for 30 minutes can consume 300 calories, so the effect of skipping is better than running. Skipping weight loss should be able to last for more than 30 minutes, because if it doesn't reach this time point, exercise only consumes the sugar in the body, and the fat doesn't start to be broken down. If you want to consume the fat in the body, you have to last for half an hour, and then the fat in the body starts to be consumed. If you jump longer, you will consume more fat, because the main energy source of continuous exercise is fat, not sugar.

How much can I lose in a month's running

It is impossible to get the ideal result in a short time. Only regular exercise can improve the level of exercise. If you only run once a week, no matter how long you run, it won't do you much good. Because in the six days of running interruption, the body tissue has consumed all the benefits of running. Therefore, run no less than three times a week. People who usually lack exercise, once determined to start regular exercise, tend to exercise too much, which will lead to adverse consequences.

If you can keep running three times a week, plus a reasonable diet, there should be no problem of losing 4-5 Jin a month.

How much weight can skipping rope lose in a month

It varies from person to person, generally related to one's own physique and exercise intensity.

Rope skipping is one of the best slimming exercises. Tests show that the effect of jumping for 5 minutes and 140 times per minute is equivalent to jogging for half an hour. Skipping rope can not only help you lose weight and lose weight, but also make your muscles symmetrical and powerful. It will also make your respiratory system, heart and cardiovascular system fully exercise. This kind of simple, interesting, not affected by the climate, but also a kind of sports suitable for men, women, old and young. It only needs a rope to achieve the purpose of weight loss and slimming, and is particularly suitable for women.

In fact, the effect of skipping weight loss depends on the intensity of individual exercise. If the exercise time is relatively long, and each action can meet the standard, then it can play a very good weight loss effect. In this way, as long as we stick to it for a month, we can lose at least ten jin.

How to run to lose weight

Be prepared before running

Before doing aerobic exercise, fully adjust the body's potential heat energy to the preparation state, which is conducive to the adjustment of the body's internal functions, stimulate the body's exercise hormones, promote the neural cells in the learning area of the brain, and to a certain extent, improve memory

Preparation before jogging

Stand with hands akimbo and alternate ankle movements for about 5-10 minutes. Warm up exercise can improve the muscle temperature, make the muscle soft and not easy to be pulled.

Running time and speed are the key to healthy weight loss

If you want to lose weight, the best time for each run is 30-60 minutes, too little time can not achieve the effect of burning fat, too long time will cause muscle fatigue is not conducive to health.

If in order to lose weight, the running speed should not be too fast (of course, it should not be too slow). The speed of about 6-7km / h is the most reasonable, which can make the fat fully combine with oxygen and burn.

There is a simple criterion for running speed, that is, when running, you feel sweaty, and your body is not breathless, which is very uncomfortable. This state is the best.

Do a good job of relaxing and burning fat after running

After jogging, stretching your body can make the extra fat in your body burn fully, let most parts of your body get exercise, and shape your perfect S curve.

Correct posture and relaxed mind are the secret of beauty. Put your hands on the top of your head, close up and stretch your body.

After running, do a proper amount of stretching, you can ease the over speed heart rate.

Relax after running

After the micro sweat jogging, we should do some relaxation activities, such as jogging, kicking, squatting, waist turning, chest expanding, etc. Return to the room after the temperature and heart rate return to normal.

Relaxation action recommendation: put your hands above your head, close up and stretch your body.

After returning to the house, it's better to change the sweaty clothes, or put on the Sweatshirt consciously before running, and dry it after running, and clean it up to 3 times at most. In addition, using this method to lose weight, generally do not need to go on every day, jog three times a week, or keep jogging often can achieve the goal, too tired but easy to cause colds and other patients.