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What is the supporting role of "Yanxi strategy" since the launch of Yanxi strategy, the plot and cast have always been hot topics. In Yanxi strategy, the hostess is set to please, the characters are also distinctive, the roles are three-dimensional, the costumes and makeup have historical research, the plot is also worth pondering, the rhythm is not procrastinating, the tension is stimulating, and the audience can enjoy it.

In terms of actors, there are more celebrities. She Shiman from TVB in Hong Kong, CP Nie yuan and Qin LAN, Empress of Gao Tian, and Tan Zhuo, who played "Sihui" in "the God of medicine", have changed their roles in the play and become the domineering "Gao Guifei". Many audiences almost didn't recognize her.

Although Wu Jinyan is not familiar to many audiences, she is also a potential newcomer. She almost became the heroine in Feng Xiaogang's movie "I am not Pan Jinlian" before, and even made up photos came out. But later, Fan Bingbing played the role.

In addition to the leading role, in fact, many supporting roles in the play also have a great beginning. I believe that many people who are blind have not been able to distinguish between exquisite and rich ladies. Both of them belong to the "villain" in the play, and they often get together, so it's hard to avoid confusion. But don't you know this beautiful little sister well?

She is Gao Yuer, the actress. She is the Snake Girl "Zhu Hong" in the recent big fire "zhenhun". Soul girl, do you recognize her?

There is also mammy Zhang, who has been taking care of weiyingluo in the embroidery workshop. I wonder if anyone thinks she is familiar with her. Her actor is he Jiayi.

It's Chen Ajiao, the empress of the generation in "the son of the Han", which is also a classic memory of many people's childhood. That was a beautiful time.

And this United palace maid bullies Yingluo, who is called "aunt Fang" by netizens. She's too big. She's Zhang Ziyi's sister-in-law, Yin Xu!

Yin Xu, the actress, has been relatively low-key, so most people may not have thought of it.

And the humble maid 'Pearl' in Changchun palace is actually an old acquaintance of all of us.

It's the net tiktok in the shaking voice, Xiao Xiao's own. Do you recognize it?

It's said that Yanxi strategy is really a crouching tiger and a hidden dragon. Even the servant girls and maids have a lot to offer. However, the most legendary one is Zhilan, the maid who accompanies Gao Guifei.

In the play, Gao Guifei defies heaven and earth, and the gas field covers everything. By contrast, Zhilan's sense of existence is weak. Although the role is not impressive, the actor's contribution to FIFA cannot be underestimated.

Her original name is Shi Yanfei. At the beginning of her career, her resources were against the sky. In the first work, "Snowy city", she acted as the heroine, playing the beautiful and intelligent Princess Wuyang, while her prince was played by Zhao Wenzhuo. The big stars of serenity, Liu Dekai and Cai Yan all played supporting roles for her. Later, she also starred in movies and TV series such as "Dijin" and "catch the monkey". She was accompanied by either the top Korean actor such as an Qixuan, or the powerful man such as Chen Xiaodong, Yang Caini and Yu Nan. Although all the stars are gathered, there is no fire in Shi Yufei.

The most legendary is that Shi Yufei was also the heroine of the magic movie "Mermaid Empire" CO produced by China and the United States. From the past reports, it can be seen that "Mermaid Empire" is a heavyweight Sino US cooperation blockbuster. It is said that it has invested 100 million US dollars, incorporated many elements such as Mermaid, Greek warrior, pirate, sea monster, etc., and introduced the world-class visual effect technology to build it. The actors also insist on foreigners as the main actors, including group acting, which can be described as an international cast. They also invited the heroine of 007: breaking the quantum crisis, Oja & middot; keriranco, to play.