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Ji Lingchen and Qi Qingzi break up, Wang Yi sends a response, who is lying the news that Ji Lingchen and Qi Qingzi broke up has been hot recently. However, on July 28, some netizens revealed that Ji Lingchen and Qi Qingzi had broken up several months ago. Later, it was said that the reason for the break up was that Ji Lingchen had participated in the "angel road" model Wang Yi.

But as he praised a micro blog about Ji Lingchen's infidelity, he and Ji Lingchen sent micro blogs on July 31 to confirm their break-up, and some netizens picked up photos of Ji Lingchen and Wang Yi's date that they had played together in May this year according to the clues on the micro blog, which even triggered today's hot search. The saying "Wang Yi is the third child" has become more and more popular Strong.

Wang Yi's positive response: the so-called "junior three" speculation must be false. He and Ji Lingchen are not familiar with each other. It's inexplicable to hear such news. As for the so-called dating photos, they are also shadow catchers. Wang Yi said that not only the two people took photos on different dates, but also '(in the photo) it's clearly cloudy on my side and big sun on his side. The weather is different '.

This afternoon, Ji Lingchen issued a statement on Weibo denying the rumors of cheating: 'don't take the news and gossip seriously. I also wish you a happy weekend. 'at the same time, I also put out pictures in INS:' for some people who are not kind, please get away ', which seems quite angry. Later, the media asked Wang Yi for confirmation, saying: 'Ji Lingchen and I are not together, just ordinary friends. 'it's not clear whether the other party broke up.

As soon as the news came out, Ji Lingchen's studio quickly issued a statement saying that he was busy recently and had no time to cheat. Wang Yi also said on his social platform that people came from the sky by sitting in a pot at home. It seems that both of them have denied it, saying that they really have a relationship, and that Ji Lingchen is innocent of Wang Yi Many netizens don't believe this behavior without cheating. It seems that the photos in the same box have been stripped out. How much love Ji Lingchen has for him? It's obvious to all. If it's not true that he's heartbroken, how can he break up?