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What is the family background of Er Qing? Why can Er Qing marry Fu Heng since the launch of the TV series Yanxi strategy, it has attracted countless fans. Many previews of the TV series Yanxi strategy reveal that Erqing is the last one to marry Fu Heng. What is the family background of Erqing?

Why can Er Qing marry Fu Heng

The close maids around the queen can be regarded as the grand maids. They should all be the children of the eight banners. Their family status is not low. Unlike Yingluo and Mingyu, Erqing's grandfather should be the grand officials in the imperial court. There are also different grades of maids. In the general election draft, the minor election maids seem to have a slightly better family background. Of course, the maids like Yingluo belong to the pack, that is, the servants of the Royal servants 。

On the family background of Erqing

Erqing seems to be the granddaughter of the Minister of punishment. In fact, many palace maids in the Qing Dynasty had a deep background. Those who stayed with the queen and didn't do rough work were girls with good family background. After the talent show was not turned over, they became palace maids like Ruoxi.

Since Er Qing finally married Fu Heng, her historical prototype should be Fu Heng's Fujin guarjia.

There are not many records about the guarjia family in the official history. Through a few trivial words, we can know that the guarjia family is a Manchurian woman who is the most beautiful woman in Manchuria. The guarjia family is the surname of Manchuria. In the history of the Qing Dynasty, there are many famous people. The founding yuan Xun Fei Yingdong of the Qing Dynasty, aobai, the Assistant Minister of Kangxi, and the imperial concubine Dunyi who raised Qianlong all come from here A family.