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Wish to retired veterans in active service

Fill the armored car with happiness, sweetness, happiness and health. On this special day, send it to you, our great warrior. On the military day, I want to thank all the soldiers for their efforts to make a better life for us.

Because of you, life becomes strong and beautiful; because of you, you no longer worry about fear and crying. Because of you, everything is beautiful only because of you, great soldiers and your life. Happy Army Day!

A military song, how loud; a group of comrades, how united; a persistence, how valuable; a hardship, who knows. When the army day comes, salute the great soldiers and wish you happiness in your strength.

Thanks to the soldiers for their faith in guarding their homeland, and touched by their unshakable will in the scorching sun. On the military day, I wish all the soldiers in the world happiness and beauty.

One job, too tired; one look at the house price, ashamed; one think of salary increase, tearful; one don't think of you, guilty. Comfort at the sight of you. One does not contact, heartbreak. A lifetime of happiness is right. Long live a happy Army Day!

The life of a soldier is like a glass of wine. It tastes bitter and spicy when he first drinks it. With the accumulation of time, he will slowly taste its mellow and sweet. Sometimes he will not be drunk all his life, and sometimes he will be boiling with blood when he touches a drop.

There is a kind of pursuit, that is, loyalty to serve the country; there is a kind of day, that is, to keep company with the stars; there is a kind of sentiment, that is, to think about family and relatives; there is a holiday, that is, to build the army on August 1. Bless the comrades in arms, bless the motherland!

Comrades in arms are the piano, playing the beauty of life; comrades in arms are the tea, savoring the fragrance of life; comrades in arms are the pen, writing the friendship of life; comrades in arms are the song, singing the warmth of life. Wish you a happy August 1st Army Day!

On the occasion of the 90th anniversary of the founding of the August 1st army, I wish all the active and retired soldiers a happy August 1st military day! Let's sing and cheer for the most lovely people and pray for the great motherland!

There is a kind of pursuit, called loyalty to serve the country. There is a kind of day called the starry night. There is a kind of feeling called missing relatives. There is a festival called "August 1" army building. The army day, bless our most lovely soldiers!

Today is the August 1st military day. I heard that my lovely brother has a half day off. Let's go out and relax. Look at the peace and beauty of the land you are guarding, the peace and peace of the people you are defending, and the peace and prosperity of the country you are guarding. So I wish you peace and happiness on the military day!

When the army day is coming, I wish you a rich man to go bankrupt. I wish you a lot of troubles to be locked up, a sad Valley to be lost, a sad boat to break down, and a bird to fly away. I only leave you happy. This servant and God's blessing is very effective

In the wind, in the rain, it's not easy for you to defend the border; in the seaside, in the mountains, the people are happy, you take on it; in the August 1st army, we wish you peace, happiness and happiness. Bayi wish you a healthy, spotless life, a deep love, a great career, a smooth future, a great fortune, a smooth trip, a peaceful family, a double-edged fortune; happy Army Day!

On the military day, I swear to the party: the order you issued is the military order. If the military order falls like a mountain, I will immediately implement it; the discipline you set is the military discipline. The military discipline is strict, and I will strictly implement it. Happy army day to you!

Military exercise on the military day: exercise military control over your worries, attack your worries accurately, bombard your sufferings, pursue your depression, and let your happiness break through successfully!

The demeanor of a soldier is to live and die; the demeanor of a soldier is to stand tall; the demeanor of a soldier is to shake the sky and the earth; the demeanor of a soldier is an epic. August 1, salute to the heroic soldiers!

The army day is coming again. Equip yourself to go out, put on a happy helmet, put on a good luck uniform, and put on a happy military emblem. The boss smiles at you when he sees you, the friend shouts when he sees you, and the wife salutes you when he sees you, and reports.

Comrades in arms are songs, which contain strong friendship; comrades in arms are tea, which is filled with deep feelings; comrades in arms are pens, which depict strong blessings; comrades in arms are Qin, which is filled with happiness. Happy Army Day!

Friendship arms race: use caring grenades to explode happy mouths. Use greeting bombs to destroy the haze in your heart. Release the atom of happiness by understanding the nuclear bomb. Launch friendship satellite with sincere rocket. Happy Army Day!