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Blessings for the 91st anniversary of the founding of the army in 2018

A military ceremony, strong and incomparable, is stationed in Anping, China, a military ceremony, lofty sentiments, stretching the Chinese tenderness, a military ceremony, many blessings, blessings all over the world Yanhuang children whenever and wherever, peace and good luck. Here is a collection of blessing messages for the August 1st military day. Let's have a look.

East sunrise, South fish, rice and water, Western Eagles spread their wings, North mountains are high and clouds are clear, the motherland is in all directions, the great wall of blood and flesh is offered, with our military strength, we are stationed in Corning, Shenzhou, August 1 Military day, happy Chinese people.

Blue sky and white clouds, embrace the air force, reap good luck; the sea is vast, love the Navy, reap happiness and warmth; the red flag flutters, the army merits, and the motherland shines brilliantly; the army day on August 1, bless the lovely brother soldiers, happy and happy.

When the August 1st Festival comes, the military flag floats and floats; when the happiness is sounded, the annoyance and annoyance are removed; when the road is opened safely, the head mark is rushed; when the career pole vault is held, the dragon's gate is leaping high; when the laurel crown is hung on the neck, the future is better. Wish you a happy August day!

Loyalty to the people, loyalty to the party, and safeguarding the country. You stand guard at frontier posts and shoulder the front line of disaster resistance. Green Army spirit is shining, people take you as an example. It's the army day. I wish you all the best!

Roar and roar, roar the earth and the mountains; practice and practice to make the air soar to the sky; perform and act to make the waves treacherous and treacherous; fight and play to make the leading role.

Message of blessing on August 1st military day: you can't forget the cold and bitter snow night in the north wind, your standing on the border guard post, your flying figure in the training ground, your homesick sigh and toss when you sleep in the same window with you in the moonlight, and the moment when you go through fire and water in the drill!

Bayi, present, first to happy you, then to happy you, Bayi, present, first, smile is a congratulatory gift, second, happy is a good gift, the charm of life is power, come on.

Miss the shells flying, happy fighter across the sky, good luck holding high the flag of the charge, happiness launched a strong attack on you. On the day of the month, I use my blessing to eliminate your troubles and occupy your heart.

You are not the down of Populus euphratica, you are the fearless Gesang, unknown do not regret, soldiers is a song of dedication. Military reform is at the forefront. Building the Great Wall with science and technology, and winning with military excellence, the military is a song of victory. Political qualification does not degenerate, no resentment army wrote the spring and Autumn period, the flag to welcome pigeons, the military is a song of peace.

It's glorious to join the army, big brother Baojia supports you, brother Weiguo agrees with you, peaceful dad supports you, harmonious mom admires you, even my UN relatives look up to you, and bless you: all crooked words and evil words are paper tigers, all bully forces are bubbles of Qi, once the just steel gun comes out, the honor will come naturally.

To guard the frontier with youth, no regrets; to devote ourselves with blood, to bear no grudges; to defend the motherland with steel guns, to sing and cry; to serve the people with action, wholeheartedly. On the August 1st military day, pay homage to the great people's soldiers!

The bugle of concern blows, the flag of missing is put in; the bullet of concern shoots, and the smoke of good luck spreads; the happy grenade rings, and the frustrated enemy hangs. On the army day, the message of greetings rings, and the best wishes come to the bottom of your heart.

At the end of August 1, let every heartbeat be integrated into the pulse of the motherland; let every drop of blood and sweat bloom into a flower of peace; let every iron fist turn into a roaring thunder and lightning; let every shout frighten the enemy.

One smile, two people's tacit understanding; three life happiness, the honor of four friends, the harvest, six thoughts of hope, colorful flowers, August 1 holiday gift, wish the world to fight in all aspects of the soldiers happy!

National defense construction with one mind, deep love for fish and water, one drill and one research for a strong military based on science and technology, one hammer and one exercise of iron and steel will; the spirit of the long march is inherited, every move of the powerful division, the spirit of the August 1st army is gathered together, and the peaceful mission becomes a city!

There is a day called holding fast to the battlefield. There is a kind of pursuit, called loyalty to serve the country. There is a kind of feeling, that is to care about the distance. There is a festival called "August 1" army building. Wish all the soldiers in the world a happy holiday!

A trace of romance, a youth, a cavity of blood, a cavity of boiling, an ideal, a lifetime of loyalty, a military, a soul. It's August 1st army day. Let's give you the August 1st spirit. Wish: Happy Army Day!

In the face of suffering, you hide your tears in your heart, clench your teeth, swallow that sigh, and challenge life with your weak body and thin hands alone. Dear sister-in-law, I wish you a happy August 1 Military day!

Our soldiers, with warm hearts, dispel the cold of winter. Our soldiers, with strong hands, hold up the tomorrow on the ruins. Our soldiers will not hesitate to use their lives for world peace. Happy Army Day!

It doesn't matter whether you shed blood, sweat or tears, suffer or suffer. It doesn't matter if you defend your country for the people and don't retreat in the face of disaster. The army day is coming again. I wish the greatest soldiers all the best in their lives.

The August 1st Festival is coming, and the message is sent to the soldiers. The men are determined to protect their country and their loyalty. In order to protect their safety, their hometown is hard to give up. They support the army and love the people to express their sympathy and help the country and the army to be harmonious and beautiful!

Blow the sweet horn, set up the flag of missing; shoot the happy bullet, take the good luck and often embrace; pull the care grenade, smash the troubles and sorrows. Today's August 1st army day, greetings message rings, blessing to your side, I wish you happy and carefree!

Strong is your character, dedication is your feelings, loyalty is your nature, and serving your country is your love. On the August 1st military day, I wish the most respectable and lovely military friends a happy and auspicious family!

It's the army day. I'm going to throw you a happy bomb, build a happy bunker for you, bury a safe mine for you, dig a happy channel for you, and finally send you a happy signal!

Today's army day, I wish you a long-range missile tied to your career, your good luck, such as sniper rifle, your troubles were destroyed by the atomic bomb, let the happy special forces occupy your life every day.

He looks like big brother and has a mother's heart. Sometimes he is a little wordy and sometimes he has official accent. Looking at your back, I can't forget your integrity and kindness. In this life, you are my good comrades in arms!

Happiness is the base, dream is the liberated area, health is the pass, peace is the base, good luck is the ammunition store, happiness is the mercenary, August 1 assembly has been sounded, please hurry through the depressed Valley and occupy the happy Highland

Li Yong presides over six plus one. I'll give you eight plus one, which is refreshing. It's comfortable to stretch out, to be relaxed, to be relaxed, to be relaxed, to be sensitive, to be relaxed, to be mentally comfortable, to be comfortable, to have a hundred trials, and to be cool all summer.

Pick a jasmine, white and flawless, a peony, rich and auspicious, a peace bamboo, step by step, a soldier's heart, a Chinese military gift to you, I wish you a happy life.

Without wings, dreams can break through the sky, can't swim, brave can cross the sea, flesh and blood, but the heart is powerful, not a sculpture, but every defense line is the lifeline of the motherland, comrades in arms, happy holidays.

Air force, sky blue, spread happiness to you, Navy, water blue, love and happiness to you, army, strengthen combat effectiveness, drive all the bad things for you, August 1st army day, I wish you health, happiness, everything goes well.

The most trust, to the most sincere people; the most sustenance, to the most reliable people; the most sincere, to the most real people; the most flowers, to the most lovely people - soldiers. Happy army day to you.

It's the army day. I'm armed to escort the good luck of the first life. I've focused on the peace of the whole life and the happiness of the whole life. I'm moving forward to you. I've dropped a blessing bomb by the way. Please be ready to receive it!

We have the momentum, the momentum, the enthusiasm, the cheerfulness, the success, the style, the profit, the hope and the joy

Bayi, present, first to happy you, then to happy you, Bayi, present, first, smile is a congratulatory gift, second, happy is a good gift, the charm of life is power, come on.

The military emblem is shining with the style of the soldiers, the military flag is showing the free and easy of the soldiers, the soldiers are a cool song, firm faith, tenacious persistence, solemn mission to exercise the life of the strong, August 1 comes, bless your lovely soldiers!

Choose mountains, choose bumps; choose peace, choose loneliness; choose opportunities, choose risks; choose barracks, choose honing! Soldiers, pay high respect to you!

The reason why a soldier lives in poverty is that he abides by one principle - selfless dedication; the reason why a soldier shows his greatness is that he practices an ideal - to serve his country. Bayi, we wish the great soldiers!

If one's life is a long poem, military life is the most magnificent chapter. When August 1st comes, let's jointly miss that unforgettable time and commemorate our common festival!