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August 1: CCTV Changchun Yatai vs Dalian live video address and competition time

At 18:00 on Wednesday, August 1, 2018, CSL and Changchun Yatai host the challenge of Dalian.

Live time: 18:00, August 1

Live address:

Points ranking

Changchun Yatai is 4-win, 2-draw and 7-lose in this season, with 17 goals and 22 goals lost, ranking 13th in the Chinese Super League, including 2-win, 1-draw and 4-lose in the home court, 8 goals and 9 goals lost, ranking 14th in the Chinese Super League in the home court. Dalian, on the one hand, won 2-4-7 this season, scored 10 goals and lost 25 goals, ranking the 15th in China Super League, among which 0-1-6, scored 2 goals and lost 18 goals, ranking the 16th in China Super League.

Historical confrontation

The two teams fought for 6 times, Changchun Yatai won 2 games, drew 2 losses, scored 9 goals and lost 8 goals, nearly 3 times in Changchun Yatai's home court, Changchun Yatai won 1 game, drew 1 loss, scored 4 goals and lost 3 goals. Dalian Albin has been unbeaten in the last two matches. In the recent two away matches, Dalian Albin is the winner of Changchun Yatai, with an unbeaten rate of 67%. The last match was on August 9, 2014, the central Super League, and Changchun Yatai drew 1-1 at home.

Recent achievements

Changchun Yatai lost 2-0 to Tianjin Quan Jian in the last away game.

Dalian lost 2-3 at home to Tianjin TEDA in the last game.