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August 1: CCTV Chongqing svei vs Guizhou Hengfeng live video address and competition time

On Wednesday, August 1, 2018, at 19:35, CSL and Chongqing sway host the challenge of Guizhou Hengfeng.

Live time: 19:35, August 1

Live address:

Points ranking

Chongqing sway is 4-2-7 in this season, scoring 18 goals and losing 19 goals, ranking 12th in China Super League, including 2-1-3 at home, 9 goals and losing 8 goals, ranking 15th in China Super League at home. Guizhou Hengfeng has won 1, 2, 10 and lost 32 goals in 15 goals this season, ranking the 16th in China Super League, including 1 win, 1 draw, 5 and lost 18 goals in 9 goals, ranking the 15th in China Super League.

Historical confrontation

The two teams fought for 6 times, 4-1, 1-1, 8 goals and 4 goals. In the home court of Chongqing sway for 3 times, Chongqing sway won 2-1, 0-0, 5 goals and 2 goals. Chongqing Lifan lost in the last battle, 4 consecutive victories were ended, Chongqing Lifan won in the last two home games, Guizhou Zhicheng won in the last battle, and Guizhou Zhicheng lost in the last away game, In the recent two consecutive defeats, Chongqing Lifan took an absolute advantage, winning 67% of them. The last one was the Zhongchao on August 5, 2017, and Chongqing SWAI lost 0-1 away game.

Recent achievements

Chongqing sway lost 5-0 to Guangzhou Evergrande in the last away game.

Guizhou Hengfeng lost 1-2 home games to Henan Jianye.