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What is the function of the makeup spray? How to make up the spray?

What is the principle of makeup spray?

Spray powder and powder powder are different in texture, spray water mist, and spray quickly to conjunctiva on the face. Next, we will introduce the principle of makeup spray.

The makeup spray is actually a bottle of basic moisturizing spray added into the film forming agent (acrylic copolymer) product. Its water mist is very delicate, film-forming effect is good, the main role is makeup. After finishing the makeup step, we use the spray of fixed makeup, not only moisturizing, but also making our skin look glossy. It also keeps our makeup for a long time. It is also a summer artifact that can fix and replenish makeup. It's not greasy or powdery. It can lock the makeup with a light spray.

The principle of the makeup spray is that the film-forming agent can fuse the powder and water together, reduce the gap, and form a thin film on the makeup to help lock the cosmetics on the face, delay the oil coming out of the skin, and reduce the floating powder. Usually when we put the foundation on the face, sometimes it will cause the card powder, which makes the makeup look less suitable. After using the spray, the phenomenon of sticking powder will obviously improve.

Effect of makeup spray

The makeup effect is really good. The spray is very delicate. Don't touch it after spraying. After a while, you can see that the original thick base makeup looks more natural and fit, and it's fresh without alcohol.

1. Moisturize before use

The makeup spray has the function of moisturizing and moisturizing. It can be used for skin care and skin care, so that the skin will be more tender.

2. Make up can be fixed after use

After the makeup is finished, powder and spray are added to make the makeup more natural and obedient.

3. Spray on makeup tools

After wetting and then powdery foundation, the makeup will be better pushed away and the makeup will be more moist and served.

4. Distance is important

The general instructions for fixing the spray will indicate that the sprinkler should be about 15cm away from the face. This is to keep the spray from wearing makeup. After all, some of the sprinklers are strong enough to wash away the makeup.

5. Makeup spray is not waterproof spray.

Makeup spray is not waterproof cosmetics, not completely isolated from water and sweat, so do not think that spray spray can be the wind and rain! Don't forget, the main ingredient of makeup spray is water.