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How much is Clinique transparent butter

Clinique transparent butter is a new skin care product launched by Clinique 2018. Many people are not familiar with it. How to use this product? How much is Clinique clear butter? Let's get to know each other.

Clinique transparent butter counter price

Price: 295 yuan

Efficacy: refreshing, hydrating, moisturizing and nourishing

Net content of cosmetics: 125ml

Brand: Clinique / Clinique

Clinique single: excellent moisturizer

Cosmetics for special use or not: no

Clinique's butter is really a famous and easy-to-use product of Clinique family. Before, there were oil-free and oil-free products, which are suitable for oil skin and dry skin respectively!

Official profile:

This is a light weight, incredible gel, which provides 24 hours of water supply and pollution protection. Strengthen the moisture barrier of the skin and improve the elasticity. The unique fruit frozen texture is fresh and permeated rapidly. No oil, no stick, no residue, no fragrance. The skin is smooth, strong and healthy, with pure and clean luster.

How to use Clinique transparent butter

usage method:

Apply twice a day, or as needed, to the face or neck. For best results, use after Clinique facial soap and cleanser

It is suggested that the transparent butter for personal consumption should be pressed every morning and evening. About 2 pumps are used. Before the water is used, the whole face can be absorbed by massage until it is absorbed.

A new version of Clinique's classic butter -- transparent butter! The clear gel texture has a 24-hour water conservation technology, which can strengthen its own water locking barrier, improve skin elasticity, and have the effect of external sewage discharge. The gel is water-like, colorless and tasteless. It can be completely absorbed after massage. Compared with the classic butter, it is more refreshing and free of burden. The oil skin is also very good for baby!