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When will the winner and runner up of 2018 national e-Competition be able to enter the national team with the 2018 e-Competition entering the Asian Games for the first time, people began to pay attention to the e-Competition. Recently, the State General Administration of sports issued a document, which indicates that it will fully support the development of the national e-Competition cause, and will hold a large-scale national e-Competition, to train e-competitors for the national team, and the champion and runner up will directly obtain the qualification of the national team!

Many people may not be very familiar with the event organizers in the domestic E-sports circle. This is because we do not have a large-scale alliance with a relatively famous reputation that specializes in the operation of comprehensive E-sports events. It seems that we can count one of Ali's wesg. But if we want to take root in Miaohong, I'm afraid that only the national open of E-sports under the name of the State Administration of sports can be counted. A few days ago, the General Administration of sport announced in an official announcement that the 2018 national electric competition open (Neso) will be held in Chengdu, Sichuan Province in December.

Neso is two years earlier than wesg. The first session was held in 2014. It was not long before WCG died. At that time, the domestic electric competition circle was just on the verge of breaking out. NewBee just won the title of dota2 Ti4 international invitational tournament that year. On this occasion, the General Administration of sports of the people's Republic of China carried out the organization work of Neso, and invited the domestic Netmedia culture Neotv to host the event, forming the cooperation form of General Administration of sports + Neotv, which has been continuously held up to now with an annual frequency.

The competition items of Neso are adjusted every year. This year, the General Administration of sports selected four items to compete, namely, hero League, Star Trek 2 and Firestone legend, which have a huge mass base, and PC? Which was popular in 2017. The top three prizes in each event range from 10000 yuan to 200000 yuan, totaling 890000 yuan. The champion and runner up in the finals will also be eligible to be selected into the national training team of E-sports.

However, under the current situation that the operation of the team in the e-sports circle mainly depends on the club, it seems a bit abrupt to form a team with the country as the unit. Ali's wesg met the embarrassment that the original members of the club had to form a new team in the first two sessions, and next year's wesg 2018 may not insist on the national team.