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What cosmetics are better to travel to Thailand? What cosmetics are worth buying in Thailand?

Compared with some overseas tours in Europe, sister paper, whose economic strength is not particularly good, might as well bring some cosmetics back if it goes to Thailand, so what cosmetics does Thailand have to buy?

What is worth buying in Thailand -- skin care cosmetics / Cosmetics 1) L'Oreal

Thailand's L'Oreal in the duty-free shop to buy, about 50% off the domestic counter, but the goods are not fully put out, it is best to take a picture of the things to buy, holding the picture to ask if there is the best goods!

It's a local I shop selling aromatic essential oils, Spa massage oil and other products. All the products are hand made, only shops in Chiang Mai. There are four shops in Chiang Mai. Everything inside is not expensive, whether it's bought or delivered, it's very good. It's very good for Chiang Mai. The following recommendations can be found in herb basics.

2) herb Basics (affordable spa store)

Herb basics is a very famous pure natural skin care product in Chiang Mai. People can buy effective aromatherapy at the price of common people. It is made of pure herbs in this herb basics store. It uses local plants in Chiang Mai. When guests enter the store, they can smell a faint fragrance of plants. There are four branches in Chiang Mai, and the largest one is on the Danone road in Lhasa.

Only Chiang Mai has herb basic, which sells all kinds of essential oils, soap, body milk, shampoo, bubble bath and so on. The common point is that they are all natural, and even taste is a variety of natural elements. I bought a box of green tea flavored body milk. I can't wait to open it when I go back. It tastes really good.

I bought coconut oil and lipstick for only more than 100 yuan. The apple conditioner is very good and apple flavor is very good.

3) jasmine essential oil

My pure Jasmine Smell is just like the real Jasmine Smell. This can be mixed with body milk and applied. The whole person will emit a light Jasmine Smell. The price is about 110 baht.

4) body massage oil

This flavor is called Cool Woods Blends. It is a very refreshing wood flavour. It can be used as massage oil or as a moisturizer after rain. This fragrance is very relaxing, and it is very different from the artificial flavour of ordinary body lotion.

5) tree planting foam isolation BB cream

The airport duty free shop is 1350 baht, which is different from the frosting cream of the tree planting show. The color separation mark has only one Beige eye color.

6) rinrajainda massage care products

It's a chain of spa stores in Thailand. In terminal 21 (terminal 21), a very popular department store recently, there are also counters for them. Among them, the bath milk or spa products of their home are also very good! Especially the packaging is very exquisite! I especially like the taste of jasmine, so I recommend you to choose rose!

7) original price beauty shop

This is a Thai version of the beauty shop. There are all kinds of cleaning and maintenance products for the body and face, or cosmetics for women. The most recommended one is this super refreshing and easy-to-use sunscreen. It is worth mentioning that their shopping bags are also quite lovely - Thai girls love to come to their home. You can also dig for treasure if you have the chance!