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Evian spray what's the right way to use the cloud spray?

Siyun net: Evian spray must be very familiar to female friends. Evian spray is a very common spray for replenishment. It is the favorite of many fairies. So how can Evian spray be used?

How to use Evian spray?

Direct spray: keep facial skin clean, head slightly upturned, Evian spray evenly sprinkled at 15~20cm distance to the face, after spraying, free absorption of skin, after about 20 seconds, use a cotton pad or napkin to gently wipe excess moisture away.

Wet compress: put a compressed paper into a clean small container, and press the water into the small container with Evian spray. After the film is filled with water, expand the paper film, apply it to the face and smoothen it, and remove it after 5~10 minutes.

What time does Evian spray come from?

Evian spray can replace toner in the morning and evening. It can be used in summer when the face is oily. It can be used in the dry and dry environment such as air-conditioned room, heating room and dry climate. It can also be used for makeup at noon, refreshing in the afternoon, and collocation with water film or sandwich mask.

The effect of Evian spray is 1. Replenishing water and refreshing skin. After cleansing in the morning and evening, Evian spray is used as toner to replenish the skin's moisture.

2, balanced water oil: in the summer when the face is oily, it can improve the condition of the oil inside the skin, replenishing water while controlling the secretion of oil.

3, daily Replenishment: long stay in the air-conditioned room, you can use Evian spray at any time to replenish water, improve facial dry and water shortage of discomfort;

4, makeup and makeup: use the Evian spray before make-up and makeup before, so that makeup can be more natural, and avoid rubbing.

5. Cooling and calming: when the skin is excited, hot, sweaty and oily, Evian spray can cool and calm the skin, making the skin stable;

6, strong Replenishment: use Evian spray instead of make-up water to make water film or sandwich mask. It can replenish the skin with concentrated and strong effect.

Applicable crowd of Evian spray

Evian spray is simple, safe, and does not add any harmful substances such as preservatives, spices, flavors and so on, so anyone can use it, including children and pregnant women. In terms of skin quality, Evian spray is suitable for all types of skin and sensitive skin. Although Evian spray can not relieve sensitive and red blood, the sensitive muscle does not at least produce discomfort.