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What are the good mosquito repellent products in Japan

apart from the hot weather disturbing people's sleep, the most annoying thing in summer is mosquito bite. How to solve the problem of mosquito bite? How to repel mosquitoes when there is no mosquito repellent incense? Let's take a look at the best mosquito repellent products in Japan!

There are mosquitoes, but there is no mosquito repellent incense

Mosquito net

The effect of hanging mosquito net is very good, usually hanging on the bedstead is mainly used for sleeping mosquito control. Most of the mosquito nets are made of mesh material. The use of mosquito nets can effectively prevent mosquitoes from waking you up when you fall asleep. The net can also absorb the dust in the air and let you breathe fresh air when you sleep.

Hang sachet to repel mosquito

Hanging sachets is one of the habits of the ancient Chinese, which can be used to repel mosquitoes and insects, which is equivalent to moving mosquito repellent incense. Generally, the sachet is filled with agastache, peppermint, perilla, calamus, citronella, star anise, etc. mosquitoes will escape when they smell these smells, so it has certain mosquito repellent effect.

Oral vitamin B for mosquito repellent

Eating this kind of subsistence B is to discharge a kind of excrement through the skin. People can't feel this taste. Only mosquitoes don't like this taste very much, so mosquitoes will stay away.

Electric mosquito swatter

When mosquito repellent incense is used for a long time, the effect will be worse and worse, because the mosquito will purify, and the later the effect of mosquito repellent incense will be worse and worse. Moreover, mosquito repellent incense has a micro degree, and it is not good for people to use mosquito repellent incense in a closed space. It is recommended to use electric mosquito swatter to kill mosquitoes in the room, which can directly kill mosquitoes and is not harmful to health.

Tea water bath repels mosquitoes

When the body has sweat odor, it is also easier to attract mosquitoes, so when there is no mosquito repellent incense, it is best to keep the skin clean and clean. If tea can be used for bathing, the fragrance of tea also has a certain effect of mosquito repellent.

Fan repellent

Wind the fan to the leg, arm and other exposed parts. Due to the influence of wind, mosquitoes can not stay on the skin stably, so they can also avoid being bitten by mosquitoes. However, the fan can't blow against the head, which is easy to cause headache.

Put soap and detergent in the corner to repel mosquitoes

Put a basin of water made of soap and washing powder in the open space of the room, so that mosquitoes can concentrate there.

Mosquito repellent patch

There are natural Galilee oil and bamboo vinegar nano essential oil elements, all natural plant ingredients. It can be directly attached to the skin or any position on the clothes, with pure natural ingredients. At present, there are permanent mosquito repellent, light foam mosquito repellent, smiling face mosquito repellent and nano mosquito repellent on the market.

Mosquito repellent Bracelet

The mosquito repellent bracelet is made of pure natural citronella essential oil, which is repelled by the taste of the plant itself. Like hengben KT cat mosquito repellent bracelet, water cube mosquito repellent bracelet, non-woven mosquito repellent bracelet, luminous mosquito repellent bracelet, fragrance mosquito repellent bracelet.

Dew repellent

Toilet water is an alcoholic perfume product. Its main products are bactericidal, itching, and anti prickly heat. When there is no mosquito repellent incense, it spreads on the bare skin and has certain mosquito repellent effect.

Mosquito repellent water mainly depends on the mosquito repellent ingredients in the water of flower dew. The most common ingredients for mosquito repellent are the addition of DEET and DEET. These two ingredients disturb the olfactory organs of mosquitoes, so as to disturb the position of their prey.

But pay attention, if you have been bitten by mosquitoes, don't use dew. Because the skin of the place bitten by mosquitoes will leave a wound, and some people will be scratched and blood will be left after the skin is not easy to grasp. If you use dew at this time, the alcohol of dew and other chemical substances of mosquito repellent ingredients will enter the body, not only can't reduce the inflammation, but sometimes it will aggravate the skin damage.

Put garlic and pepper on the door and window to repel mosquitoes

Mosquitoes hate the smell of garlic and pepper, and try to avoid these things. When there is no mosquito repellent incense, you can place garlic and black pepper on the door and window. You'd better sprinkle garlic juice on the screen window, and the effect will be better.

A good mosquito repellent in Japan

1. Vape future odorless battery mosquito repeller

Last year, it was the first product sold in Japan! It's the best choice for mosquito prevention in summer! Vape has three times the effect, safe and quiet, tasteless and non-toxic. It can not only be placed horizontally or vertically, but also be hung on the wall. Is it super convenient? According to the natural factors such as environment and temperature, the effect of each person's use is different, which can prevent and reduce mosquito bites, but it doesn't mean that it's not used at all There are mosquito bites, because it's not a mosquito killing product, but it works quickly, just to repel mosquitoes.

2. Vape electronic mosquito Watch

Summer has come, the baby's delicate skin has become the target of mosquitoes and other pests. With the utility of the portable battery type mosquito repeller, pests can hide far away.

The vape series portable mosquito repellent is made in Japan. The medicine grains inside are made in Japan, safe and tasteless. It is harmless to pregnant women and babies. It is a necessary equipment for babies to go out in summer. Internal battery, no power supply, no limit of socket voltage, indoor and outdoor can be used. It is safe, non-toxic, durable and effective, and can be used by newborn babies at ease.

The appearance is very cute, and the good effect has been popular with hemp people since it came into the market. In 2014, where's dad? Season 2, issue 5, baby dodo and Belle are also using it. Small size can be worn on the wrist or hung on the neck or belt, very convenient. Cute kitty shape is sure to make the baby love it.

3. Vape5 times portable baby electronic mosquito Watch

The mosquito repellent adopts an integrated design, which avoids the trouble of changing batteries frequently. It can be carried easily by only wearing it on the wrist, and the use time can be as long as 120 hours.

4. Natural plant baby mosquito repellent

This is a must-have product for Japanese shellfish in summer. It uses microencapsulation technology and pure natural ingredients. Even for babies with sensitive skin, it can be used safely, and newborns don't need to worry about it. This is a natural plant mosquito repellent. Its biggest advantage is no electricity, no spray, no baking. It's convenient and safe. It's far away from words. It can protect the newborn babies from being bitten by mosquitoes since October. Parents with babies can choose these products~

5. Heguangtang baby natural eucalyptus oil anti mosquito patch

Heguangtang natural eucalyptus essential oil baby mosquito repellent patch is a convenient round patch with natural eucalyptus essential oil. Eucalyptus essential oil has been used as a natural skin wound treatment drug since a long time ago. It is safe, non-toxic and fragrant.

When using, stick 1-2 pieces on the clothes close to the naked skin, such as cuffs, socks, hats, etc.

The stickers are printed with a very cute koala bear pattern, so that the anti mosquito stickers can be pasted on the clothes like badges, which not only repels mosquitoes but also sells cute. I believe girls and babies will like it.

6. Pigeon mosquito repellent spray

When mom and Dad take all kinds of outdoor activities, they can use this insect repellent spray, spray it on baby's clothes or cart and other cloth supplies, so that the pests can get away from the baby. And babies from the age of 0 can be relieved. The sprays bring refreshing citrus fragrance. They are also very easy to use. With just one shot, you can get the mosquito repellent effect lasting 3 hours.

7. Ikeda model Hall

Do you need to say more about this product? If you haven't used it in summer, your life is not complete! Once you apply it, you will feel cool and refreshing. The bites of mosquitoes and other insects can stop itching, marks, pain relief and swelling. The effect is very good! It is also very effective for urticaria, prickly heat and skin inflammation. There is also a baby version of the product, just born babies can also be assured of use. Product design is also very user-friendly, the bottle mouth is a blue arc sponge, just press twice in the affected area, is it convenient?

8.VAPE mosquito repellent spray

VAPE mosquito repellent spray contains natural moisturizing ingredients and little irritation to skin. Combined with antiperspirant, it can not be easily broken due to perspiration and can maintain a long time of mosquito repellent effect. The mini flavor type can be used by adults and children. The water is allocated on the basis of the skin, so the skin irritation is small, and the spray is not easy to scatter in the air, because the medicine will not be absorbed into the body carelessly, and can be used safely.

The product passes the skin allergy test. It has good effect on mosquitoes, lice, bedbugs, small flies and other small insects. Is a 6-month-old baby to adult family can use mosquito repellent products!

9. Bread superhuman baby anti inflammation and anti itching paste

After being bitten by mosquitoes, stick a piece of this product. The anti-inflammatory and antipruritic agent contained in the cloth will immediately give the baby a cool feeling, and the itch will disappear without trace. At the same time, the sticking cloth also has the function of insect prevention, which can prevent the mosquito from invading the baby again.

10. Ikeda model hall incomparable drop of antipruritic ointment

This anti itch cream is the most recommended one is easy to carry. It has no fragrance, pigment, mineral oil, preservative and urea. Its ingredients are very mild and safe, and it can effectively moisturize the skin~

For a country that attaches great importance to environmental protection and cleanliness in Japan, the mosquito repellent is not bad. With these mosquito repellent devices, this summer, it is not a dream for the whole family to say goodbye to the mosquito bag!

How to prevent mosquito bites

1. Screens and bed nets should be installed in summer. No matter repellent water or fumigating vinegar, it is not as safe and reliable as physical mosquito control.

2. You can put some orange peel, star anise, anise, etc. in the room to drive away mosquitoes, because mosquitoes don't like the special smell of these things.

3. In the house, those places that are easy to accumulate water, such as pots and pans, floor drains, sewers, flowerpots, etc., should be cleaned up in time, and those with lids should be covered, and those who can change water should change water frequently.

4. If the use of screens and nets will still bring in some mosquitoes, you can use some mosquito repellent products, such as mosquito repellent incense and liquid.

5. It's best to wear light colored clothes when going out in summer. Mosquitoes like to wear dark clothes. Because mosquitoes usually live in the dark environment, dark clothes are just in line with their visual habits. Moreover, dark clothes absorb more heat in summer, which will raise people's temperature and attract mosquitoes easily.

6, after sports sweat, wash immediately, do not use perfume, moisturizing lotion and other cosmetics, because mosquitoes love high temperature, sweating easily.