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How to identify the true and false vaccine of Alipay?

Sihai network: always on tenterhooks, and even parents who would rather not fight, how do you tell the true or false vaccine? How can Alipay check the true or false vaccine?

How to distinguish the true and false vaccines of pets

1. See if the handwriting is clear. (there are Chinese marks on the powder bottle since 200808)

2. See if there is animal medicine dynamic inspection label (since 200508, anti-counterfeiting label has been signed on the bottle cap)

3. Check whether the powder bottle is vacuum (normal is vacuum, non vacuum is invalid or fake)

4. Check whether the powder has cracks (the failure seedling has cracks)

5. Look at the color and dissolution rate of the fusion body (very easy to dissolve, light red color without precipitation)

6. The label of the bottle is not easy to tear off (but it will fall off when it is stained with alcohol)

7. The most effective and convenient way to identify the authenticity of the vaccine is to dilute the pet vaccine and drop it on the test paper board of canine distemper, canine parvovirus and cat distemper for detection. Imported vaccines will have two lines of positive test results, that is, positive. If there is no positive result, consider whether the vaccine is fake after removing the test paper board! Because the vaccine is weak and meets the test The paper should produce antigen positive reaction, and the result will be positive.

How can Alipay check the authenticity of the vaccine?

Ali is still more than a little bit more ambitious. With mobile phone Taobao, Tmall, Alipay and Ali, she can scan App in any healthy way, scanning the 20 digit ID card encoding (tracing bar code) with digital 8 on the vaccine box, and it will display key information including vaccine name, manufacturer, batch number, validity period and so on. Many people can't scan the barcode without saving the kit. Alihealth has also developed a batch number query tool, which supports manual input of vaccine batch number query.

Basically, everyone in Alipay has a message. How about using Alipay to consult the vaccine?

Open Alipay - click on the front page 'medical health' - click 'question vaccine, quick query'.

Find the "vaccination certificate" (green version) and find the production batch number of the previously injected vaccine varieties. Some batch numbers are just numbers, some have English letters.

3. Manually input the vaccine name and batch number on the vaccination book for query, and you can get the corresponding information including whether the vaccine is safe, manufacturer, expiry date, etc.

Note: there is a tetrad vaccine with Chinese label on the market, which is actually a pentad vaccine. In dhppi, 'H' represents hepatitis virus, including canine II adenovirus.

The Chinese label is only annotated as "quadruple vaccine", which belongs to the same kind of vaccine as the commonly used pentad vaccine.

To prevent canine distemper, canine parvovirus disease, canine infectious hepatitis, canine parainfluenza and canine type II adenovirus, the bottle cap shall be pasted with Chinese veterinary drug quality supervision and anti-counterfeiting marks.