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Why did Qing Zi admit breaking up? Why did Qing Zi Ji Lingchen break up

Recently, I'm afraid that the hottest thing in the entertainment circle is the rumor about the break-up between kaiqingzi and Ji Lingchen. But I didn't expect that at noon on the 31st, kaiqingzi admitted to break up. The exposure of the news caused heated discussion among netizens. Why did kaiqingzi admit to break up? Come and have a look.

What's the matter with Qing Zi admitting to break up

At noon on the 31st, he tweeted to admit breaking up with Ji Lingchen. To this end, he only tweeted a short sentence: "no cheating, no cheating, no contract, really breaking up, I believe you care.". 'then, Ji Lingchen forwarded the microblog and wrote:' you like the sea and I love you '. This relationship between the two people ends here.

Today, for the first time, he admitted on his microblog that his love story with Ji Lingchen has ended. He also clarified the previous scandal for Ji Lingchen. At noon on the 31st, he broke the silence of many days, admitted breaking up with Ji Lingchen, and denied the rumors of cheating and raping. Later, Ji Lingchen also forwarded this article, admitting that he had loved.

"No cheating, no cheating, no contract, no real break-up," he wrote. Thank you for your concern. 'then, Ji Lingchen forwarded it and said:' you like the sea, I love you. 'admit breaking up.

Previously, someone exposed the dynamic of the circle of friends of suspected Qing Zi: 'my youth fed the dog', suspected to confirm the break-up. Later, he praised the microblog about Ji Lingchen's cheating.

Why does he admit to breaking up

It's said that he and Ji Lingchen broke up several times. This time, he finally officially admitted that it should be the end of the relationship, and he also decided to let go, so he publicly admitted breaking up.

In fact, there was a long time ago when she broke up with Ji Lingchen. On her 30th birthday, she wrote "the next journey", which made netizens worry about her emotional situation. In addition, when she and the variety show dear Inn, Ji Lingchen hesitated when Liu Tao asked them when they would get married, which led netizens to think there was something wrong with their feelings.

The age difference between the two makes him think it's too late not to get married again, and Ji Lingchen's career is just beginning. If they get married now, Ji Lingchen is a little reluctant. Don't be too sweet when the two just announced together, because their names are just like the names of lovers, and they are very pleasant to hear.

Now, after such a big problem in their relationship, how many people have broken their hearts, what Ji Lingchen cheated on Wang Yi, was caught by Qing Zi and so on. Even if Ji Lingchen clarifies again and again, many netizens still say they don't believe it. Now, a quiet and comprehensive sentence of kaiqingzi paved the way for Ji Lingchen, and Ji Lingchen himself forwarded it for a while, nine words really disgusted the netizens. You like the sea, I love you.

Why did Ji Lingchen break up

In November 2015, Ji Lingchen posted a photo of their love on Weibo. In the photo, he sat on the bridge holding Ji Lingchen's face. They asked to look at each other, and they looked very happy. Later, he also forwarded the micro blog, and Po Wen "my boy" is a confession of love. After their love affair became public, many netizens sent blessings one after another!

There is not much news about how the two people know, but there are still some netizens who broke the news. When Kan Qingzi was filming in Hengdian, a mysterious man brought a half box mask to Kan Qingzi, and this mysterious man was Ji Lingyu. Although the two have announced their relationship, they still deal with it in a very low-key way. They show their love occasionally and won't hype the big talk. Kiyoshi and Ji Lingchen are like romantic lovers coming out of Japanese anime. They let you know what it's called 'a fresh pure love wind coming out'.

He Qingzi and Ji Lingchen, a couple that everyone envies. Previously, in the program dear Inn, two people showed their kindness in front of the camera, while Ji Lingchen was very considerate to his girlfriend. At that time, the couple became an object of envy both inside and outside the circle. Even their names were taken out by netizens for comparison. They thought it was a very interesting couple's name. They were very considerate in all aspects well matched.

Later, when Liu Tao asked Ji Lingchen when to get married, Ji Lingchen pretended that he couldn't understand, and he also understood his boyfriend. He thought that he needed bread first, and then he cried. Ji Lingchen later said that he would propose when he was 30, but he had passed his 30th birthday and didn't wait for Ji Lingchen to propose, which made netizens sigh.

Now that the two people have split up, as outsiders, we are hard to cure. Que Qingzi also said in the statement that there is no cheating, so we should choose to believe the parties.