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Can silver bracelets be worn to sleep? What's the harm of wearing silver bracelets to sleep

Sihaiwang: many women like to wear silver jewelry very much. Silver ion has a strong bactericidal effect, which is very good for human body. But now many people don't take off the bracelets when they wear them. How about wearing silver bracelets when they sleep?

Can silver bracelets be worn to sleep

It's better not to wear a silver bracelet to sleep.

You can't sleep with a pure silver bracelet, especially when you sleep at night. Because of the high temperature of the quilt and the fact that MM people may sweat when they sleep, both of these conditions provide a "hotbed" for the accelerated oxidation of pure silver bracelets! On the other hand, because of the addition of other metal components in the low color silver bracelets, these metal components are not good for the body. So it is recommended that mm wear pure silver bracelets in the daytime and take them off at night for good maintenance!

The harm of sleeping with silver bracelet

1. The most common problem of wearing bracelets for a long time is' jewelry dermatitis'. Chromium and nickel in jewelry are the most common allergens of contact dermatitis in recent years, and the sensitivity of women to chromium and nickel is about 10 times that of men.

2. Secondly, bracelets containing radioactive pollution can also cause skin radiation damage. This is because some radioactive elements such as cobalt, radium, polonium and gold coexist in a mine. In the process of mining, smelting and smelting, a small amount of radioactive elements will remain in jewelry, causing radioactive pollution.

The advantages of wearing silver bracelet the ancients said that the health and wealth of silver will be accompanied, not only because of its precious metal, medicine, it is more effective than gold for human health. It has been found that silver has excellent antibiotic and sterilization effects. The average antibiotic can only play a role in 6 kinds of bacteria, but silver can kill 650 kinds of bacteria. The heat conductivity of silver is the most outstanding among all metals. It can rapidly dissipate the heat of blood vessels, rapidly reduce the heat of blood vessels, and prevent various diseases with excellent curative effect.

How to maintain the silver bracelet

1. Please try not to let the silver bracelet get wet

When wearing the silver bracelet inlaid with gems, please try not to let the silver bracelet touch water, because there will be gaps in the part inlaid with gems. If it is often touched with water, gems are easy to fall off. Keep the silver bracelet dry at all times to avoid swimming with the silver bracelet. Do not touch the hot spring and sea water. If you accidentally touch the water, please gently wipe the bracelet surface with cotton cloth or tissue paper to remove the moisture and dirt.

2. Try to avoid irritating liquid on silver bracelet

If you want to take a hot spring bath, please take off the silver bracelet. It can be worn in the bath at ordinary times, but be sure to avoid contact with detergent and other liquids, such as hair dye, perm agent, sulfur soap and so on. Silver bracelets can damage the surface gloss if they come into contact with these cleaning agents.