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What's the matter with Qiaozi admitting to break up

Kaiqingzi and Ji Lingchen, who used to be the model couple envied by many people, broke up recently, then involved in a series of infidelity, adultery, contract rumors. Just now, kaiqingzi admitted breaking up, let's see what they said.

What's the matter with Qing Zi admitting to break up

In the past two days, the affair of breaking up between Qi Qingzi and Ji Lingchen has become a hot topic on the Internet. Some netizens have reported that the reason for their breaking up is Ji Lingchen's derailment, and even involved Wang Yi, a model. In the morning, he just praised a blogger's microblog that Ji Lingchen's derailment. Just after he admitted breaking up, he said he didn't derail, catch a traitor or have a contract. It's a real break-up.

At noon on the 31st, he broke the silence of many days, admitted breaking up with Ji Lingchen, and denied the rumors of cheating and raping. Later, Ji Lingchen also forwarded this article, admitting that he had loved.

"No cheating, no cheating, no contract, no real break-up," he wrote. Thank you for your concern. 'then, Ji Lingchen forwarded it and said:' you like the sea, I love you. 'admit breaking up.

Previously, someone exposed the dynamic of the circle of friends of suspected Qing Zi: 'my youth fed the dog', suspected to confirm the break-up. Later, he praised the microblog about Ji Lingchen's cheating.

The true and false stories of the stars in the entertainment circle. The two people who originally seemed to love each other were inexplicably exposed to break up, even crowned with the title of empathy and other love. Like Chen Xiang and Mao Xiaotong breaking up some time ago, and he Jie's divorce, the originally beautiful couple finally broke up. Recently, the seemingly loving couple, kaiqingzi and Ji Lingchen, also broke up In the drama of derailment, the people who eat melon are also confused about the truth.

What did he say when he admitted breaking up

He admitted that he broke up and said, "no cheating, no cheating, no contract, no contract.". Thank you for your concern. 'then Ji Lingchen tweeted:' you like the sea and I loved you '.

In fact, there has been a long time since the break-up between Qi Qingzi and Ji Lingchen. On her 30th birthday, she wrote down the next journey, which made netizens worry about her emotional situation

In addition, when she and the variety show dear Inn, Ji Lingchen hesitated when Liu Tao asked them when they would get married, which led netizens to think there was something wrong with their feelings

The age difference between the two makes him think it's too late not to get married again. Ji Lingchen's career is just beginning. If they get married now, Ji Lingchen is a little reluctant

Don't be too sweet when they just announced that they were together, because their names are just like lovers' names, and they are very pleasant to hear

Now, after such a big problem in their relationship, how many people have broken their hearts, what Ji Lingchen cheated on Wang Yi, was caught by Qing Zi and so on

Even if Ji Lingchen clarifies again and again, many netizens still say they don't believe it

Now, a quiet and comprehensive sentence of kaiqingzi paved the way for Ji Lingchen, and Ji Lingchen himself forwarded it for a while, nine words really disgusted the netizens. You like the sea, I loved you