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Women's volleyball team and schedule of 2018 Asian Games the 18th Asian Games was held in Jakarta, Indonesia, from August 18 to September 2, 2018. On July 30, the official social network of Chinese women's volleyball shared the 2018 Asian Games schedule that Chinese women's volleyball team will meet South Korea on August 23. China's women's volleyball team is in the same group as defending champion South Korea. Other rivals include China's Taipei, Kazakhstan, Vietnam and India. Compared with group A, group B has one more team, so group China needs to play one more game.

Group and schedule of women's Volleyball in the 2018 Jakarta Asian Games

Group A: Indonesia, Thailand, Japan, Hong Kong, Philippines

Group B: South Korea, China, Taipei, Kazakhstan, Vietnam, India

August 19 China vs Vietnam

August 21 China vs Taipei China

August 23 China vs Korea

August 25 China vs Kazakhstan

August 27 China VS India