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Can Cheqianzi treat gout Cheqianzi is a treasure all over the body. It is edible and has medicinal value. Generally speaking, Cheqianzi has many effects and can treat many kinds of diseases. Can Cheqianzi treat gout? How can Cheqianzi treat gout? Let's take a look at it together!

Can Cheqianzi cure gout

Cheqianzi can cure gout

Cheqianzi has the functions of clearing away heat and removing dampness, infiltrating dampness and removing drench. Pharmacological test proved that plantain has diuretic effect and can promote the excretion of urea, chloride and uric acid. At the same time, plantain contains adenine and succinic acid, which can inhibit purinase and make hypoxanthine and xanthine not be converted into uric acid, so it can rapidly reduce the concentration of blood uric acid, inhibit the formation of gouty stone and kidney stone, and promote the elimination of gouty stone. From this, it can also relieve joint pain caused by gout.

How does Cheqianzi treat gout

1. Cheqianzi tea

Main material: 10g in front of the car


① First, pick up the impurities in front of the cart, sieve out the empty grains, wash away the silt and dry in the sun.

② Put the Plantain in a heat preservation cup, and brew it with boiling water for 15 minutes to serve as tea.

2. Shufu Cheqianzi Decoction

Raw materials: Atractylodes macrocephala, Poria cocos, plantain seed, Alisma orientalis, peony, tangerine peel, roasted licorice, etc.

Usage and dosage: upper (oral) nozzle. Each serving costs 7 yuan, water 1.5, add ginger 3 pieces, jujube 1, lantern heart, fry to 7 points.

3. Cheqianzi porridge

Ingredients: 25g Cheqianzi, 100g japonica rice, 15g white sugar


① Clean the rice, soak it in cold water for half an hour, remove and drain the water.

② Wrap the front of the car with clean gauze and fasten the opening of the bag.

③ Add cold water and Cheqianzi to the pot, boil for about 15 minutes, remove Cheqianzi, add japonica rice, boil it with high heat, then reduce the heat, continue to cook until porridge is formed, and then add sugar to eat.

Precautions of Cheqianzi in the treatment of gout

1. In the active treatment of gout, some reasonable gout prevention measures are also indispensable, such as diet control, reasonable exercise, avoiding fatigue, rational use of drugs, etc.

2. Because of the dizziness and palpitation caused by diuresis and potassium excretion, it is still necessary to go to the regular gout hospital for treatment.

3. It must be used under the guidance of a professional physician.