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The origin of Xihong City

Xihong city's richest man is a comedy starring Shen Teng, song Yunhua, Zhang Yiming, etc., which city is the prototype of Xihong city's richest man? Introduction to the origin of Xihong city. Let's have a look!

Which city is the prototype of Xihong, the richest man in Xihong

Shen Teng has come to take you to smile again this summer vacation. Since the great success of "I'm not the God of medicine" house, the first day box office of Xihong city's richest man has exceeded 200 million, which is expected to become the next black horse. ShenTeng, as a twist universe, has brought laughter to us in recent years. Is Xihong City fictitious? The answer is definitely not.

As we all know, Xihong city is a name adapted from the homophony of tomatoes. The fictional name in the play constantly appears in the play, which shows that the props group is still very serious. When watching it, they once thought it was Xihong city. But curious netizens may ask, which city is this mysterious "Xihong city"?

In fact, audiences who have seen Shen Teng's film Charlotte's troubles are not new to the protagonist's high school. Shen Teng's role is in Xihong City, but the play is a derivative.

The railway station in Charlotte's troubles is Xihong city. Of course, the name of the railway station is imagined according to the needs of the film. In fact, Xihong city is the Jinzhou railway station of Dalian City in Liaoning Province in real life. The audience who has not been to the station may not understand it. Because the play made the station fire, and also made the city widely spread.

We all know that it's hard to avoid troublemakers in acting, but when shooting at night, it's hard to find them. That's why most movies are shot at night.

Jinzhou railway station was built in 1903 and began to be rebuilt in 2007. As the first-class station of Shenyang Railway Bureau, it is also the largest railway in southern Liaoning. A regional railway station is also famous for Shen Teng's relationship with the film, which has caught fire all over the country.

Come back to Xihong city's richest man. As a comedy, it's really the most worth watching film in summer. Shen Teng is no stranger to all of us. He is a star who often makes people laugh. His works are also concerned by a large number of people. If the former star Zhou Xingchi occupied the comedy of the film, Shen Teng is the star of that year. However, in return, the status of star master is irreplaceable!

The origin of Xihong City

Xihong city comes from the writing stage of Charlotte's troubles. The homophonic "tomato" is because it is easy to remember, and of course, it has another profound meaning.

It's believed that the audience familiar with Charlotte's troubles is not strange. As the 'place where the story happened', Xihong city is also a hidden egg in the film. This time, Xihong city ' Beautiful, so "Xihong city" is everyone's hometown when they were young. There are many people living happily there.