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What's the end of Han Yue "the enchanter has no borders" tells the story of the late enchanter in the turbulent times of the late Tang Dynasty who experienced the struggle between the love between the daughter and the daughter and the power, and the mutual support, love and growth with the shadow Chang'an. A lot of people are guessing the character and the setting of the characters when they watch the play, so is hanyue a good person or a bad person?

The flatterer has no territory Han Yue is a good man and a bad man

To tell the truth, I've read "the enchanter has no boundaries" for three times. Each time I read it, I have different feelings. I've skimmed through it completely, and I think it's just plain, just like the first way to break through the clouds with the hidden whip method. A glimmer of light suddenly appears in the gray sky. There are surprises and exclamations. The foreshadowing is very long, and the grass, snake and gray line is intended to be thousands of miles. What is the ending of MEIZHE Wujiang Han Yue?

If it is the original party that should know that this is a book with color, as for what color it is, interested friends can go and have a look. The length of the book is not very long, and you can read it overnight.

The enchanter has no boundaries is a chapter novel, which is connected by killer stories. Behind the scattered character relationships, a more and more intensive network is weaved to plot the ambition behind the story.

"The enchanter has no boundaries" mainly tells the story of the tenacious young girl Wanmei (decorated by Li Yitong) who is full of desire to survive and the extraordinary shadow Chang'an who supports each other all the way, gradually grows in love and grows up all the way.

He is a good man.

He is the second son of the Han family. Han Xiu, the eldest son, is good at business. Han Yue, the second son, is good at martial arts. The two brothers have deep feelings since childhood.

What's the ending of the beautiful Han Yue

In the play, Han Yue is played by GE Zheng, so what's the end of Han Yue? Han Yue, Han Xiu's younger brother, is a man with strong martial arts. In the play, Han Yue, for his elder brother, takes risks and opens the road of revenge.

In character, Han Yue is honest, brave, passionate and righteous. In order to avenge his brother, he did not hesitate to go deep into danger. This loyal brotherhood can be seen in many of the characters Ge Zheng has created. Because of his excellent grasp of such roles, Ge Zheng's true man image of love and righteousness is deeply rooted in the hearts of the people.

Because of the role needs, Ge Zheng has many plays in the play, and he pays 100% for each role, and rarely uses a double to fight in person. When shooting a scene of falling into the water, Ge Zheng thought that the water depth was only half a person's height, but he didn't expect that the whole person would fall into the water in a moment. He was really shocked. But after the adventure, Ge Zheng didn't dare, but he felt very excited. He praised his seriousness and courage.

The younger brother relies on his older brother, who dotes on his younger brother, and is in a family like the Han family. It can be said that it is so beautiful, but unexpectedly, Han Xiu, his elder brother, was accidentally involved in a big conspiracy and died. In the process of investigating the cause of his brother's death, Han Yue found many doubts, which opened the road of revenge. With the deepening of the investigation, Han Yue gradually fell into danger. This time, in "the enchanter has no boundaries", Ge Zheng's ancient costume is more beautiful than the childe's. The high bun and the neat waist long clothes have both the hardiness of the warrior and the elegant demeanor of the aristocratic son, showing the audience different Ge Zheng.