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What's the effect of peppermint? How to use peppermint well

Mint is a kind of Chinese herbal medicine, which has the functions of relieving cough, relieving liver depression, detoxification and itching, diminishing inflammation and swelling, relieving pain, seasoning and moistening throat. It is often used as Chinese herbal medicine and seasoning. It has to be said that peppermint has the antihypertensive effect. In summer, peppermint grows, so we have to talk about the significant antihypertensive effect of peppermint.

Can peppermint reduce blood pressure

Peppermint has no obvious effect on lowering blood pressure, but the patients with hypertension can drink it properly.

Mint can calm tension, refresh and relieve depression, relieve cough, relieve cold and headache, appetizer and aid digestion, eliminate flatulence or dyspepsia, relieve throat discomfort, help appetizer and digest, relieve stomach pain and headache, promote metabolism, eliminate halitosis, relieve alcohol and wake up. Mint has the effect of clearing away heat and opening up, and can also help relieve hypertension, High blood pressure patients can eat Mint in moderation.

What's peppermint with to lower blood pressure

​ mint chrysanthemum tea

Materials: mint, chrysanthemum

Method: put the two materials into the cup together, cover the lid for ten minutes and then open it.

Efficacy: clearing away heat and detoxification, reducing blood pressure and improving eyesight.

Mint lotus leaf tea

Material: mint, lotus leaf

Method: put the two materials into the cup together, cover the lid for ten minutes and then open it.

Efficacy: reduce blood pressure and promote diuresis, refresh your mind.

How to soak fresh mint leaves in water

Fresh mint leaf can be used to make tea or water directly. It can not only cool the summer heat, but also refresh the mind. It is also very helpful for jokes. So in summer, especially when the weather is hot, you can drink more.

Fresh mint leaf can not only be used as a market food, but also as a seasoning and decoration. It can be used in many dishes. Some people will also use it as a plant. It is not suitable for many benefits. You can also add some honey and lemon in mint water.