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How to make soup? Soup making skills

In order to make soup really play the role of strengthening body, preventing and curing diseases, there are certain scientific principles to follow in the making and drinking of soup, otherwise there may be deviation. The key to simmering soup is to boil it in a big fire and simmer it slowly in a small fire. Soup making is an indispensable part of family dishes. How to make soup and how to make soup are necessary courses for every housewife. First of all, we should pay attention to several problems in soup making:

How to make soup? Soup making skills, Guangdong soup making common sense

Stewed meat should be soaked in cold water before scalding

The purchased meat is cut into appropriate size and put into the basin, and then washed in the water tank with flowing water. In addition to removing blood and water, it can also remove fishy smell, impurities and make the meat soft. After washing, it should be soaked for about 1 hour. Then scald it in boiling water, which can remove residual blood water and peculiar smell, also can remove part of fat and avoid too greasy soup.

Herbs in soup need to be rinsed

The production of traditional Chinese medicine will go through drying, exposure and preservation, and may be covered with some dust and impurities. Before use, it's better to rinse it with cold water, but never too long to avoid losing the water-soluble ingredients in the medicine. In addition, do not buy too many Chinese herbal medicines at a time, so as not to use them up, and they will become moldy and stale after a long time.

How to add water

In principle, when boiling soup, water should be added to cover all ingredients. When using beef, mutton and other ingredients, the water surface must exceed the ingredients. Remember not to add water halfway, so as not to dilute the original flavor of the ingredients. If water has to be added, it should also be heated.

Simmer slowly on a thin fire, but not for too long

Although it takes a long time to cook the soup slowly, it is not that the longer the time is, the better. Most soup products are suitable for 1-2 hours, while meat products are best for 2-3 hours. If the use of leafy vegetables based, it is not suitable to cook too long.

Fire size is the key

Usually, first use a big fire to stew at a certain high temperature, especially when there is bone marrow meat ingredients, you should first use a big fire to force out the blood and foam, so as to avoid the soup turbid. After boiling, you need to adjust to a small fire close to the furnace core, and cook slowly. Remember not to use too much or too little fire power, which is easy to make the ingredients stick to the pot and destroy the taste of the soup.

Seasoning for added delicacy

If you like fresh and original taste, you don't need to add seasoning. If you want seasoning, it's suggested to add some salt before you start cooking. Putting salt too early will release the water contained in the meat, accelerate the coagulation of protein and affect the taste of the soup. If you like heavy taste, you can also add chicken essence or mushroom essence. If cooking fish, you can add ginger or rice wine to taste.