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Rare white moose in Switzerland

It's very rare for Sweden to see all white Moose moose is the largest deer in the world. Its fur is mostly brown. However, a photographer recently photographed a rare white moose in Sweden. Its white body is very bright.

According to the latest report of BBC news on August 14, a cameraman photographed a white moose in the wild, which is a rare creature with pure white fur and white antlers.

In the video, the white moose first drinks water on the Bank of a small river, and then suddenly steps into the water to cross the river and swim to the other side.

After crossing the river successfully, he stood on the Bank of the river shaking his body and then turned his head to give the camera a positive face, so we had a chance to see the whole picture of this beautiful animal.

Even in Sweden, white moose is very rare. According to the estimation of local relevant departments, there are only about 100 white reindeer in Sweden. The record of this image is also of great significance to the protection and research of white reindeer.

White reindeer do not suffer from albinism. Their white fur and antlers are the result of gene mutation.

The fur of moose is generally brown, and white moose is very rare, so some local original people think it is a kind of spirit beast, if you see it in the wild, it indicates that you will get good luck.