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How can love last in marriage?

marriage is the tomb of love, which is a very popular word, and the fact is that many people will gradually lose the sweetness of having love at that time after marriage, and the two people gradually become apathetic. So how can we maintain our sweet love? Let me talk about my experience.

First, love and marriage are not contradictory. In fact, the reason for the disappearance of love is that after two people get married, they forget each other's original intention, which is the most critical point. Because without love, your love can not continue, so both of them should remember their original love commitment!

Second, love and life are not contradictory. Many people say that after marriage, they face the pressure of life, so love will be overwhelmed by reality. In fact, this is a wrong cognition. Because love can actually create happiness. As long as two people have the same goal and the same spirit, your love will continue.

Third, love needs mutual respect. In today's marriage, everyone loses respect for each other after marriage. It seems that the two don't need respect. In fact, this is the biggest marriage problem. Husband and wife should respect each other, including each other's privacy.

Fourth, if love wants to continue, then two people should have a certain tacit understanding. For example, after marriage, they don't stick together every day. It seems that they can't be separated at all. In fact, the feeling of being together is beginning to be very good. After a long time, there will be many contradictions between the two people. The right way is that they should have a certain distance from each other and not be together every day.

Fifth, after marriage, husband and wife should keep secrets from each other. Both men and women should have their own circle of friends. At the same time, men and women should be very independent and get along with people in their own circle, so that your life will not overlap too much, so the feeling of two people will always be very good!

Sixth, husband and wife should be good at understanding each other's mood and integrating into each other's living habits. It's impossible for two people to have the same living habits, even if they eat the same food. Then husband and wife should divide their work and do their own things, so that the relationship between husband and wife will be perfect.

Seventh, we must remember that when we fall in love before marriage, men and women always like to communicate and express their feelings. However, after marriage, due to a series of life problems between the two sides, there was less communication. In fact, this time husband and wife should be better communication, so that your love will grow!