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Who is the playwright of Yanxi strategy "Yanxi strategy" has been exposed as plagiarized? Who is the writer of Yanxi strategy? Yanxi strategy has been popular since its launch. However, recently, a netizen picked up the writer weekend of "Yanxi strategy" which is the Qin Bamboo Slips, and the author of "common women are poisonous" also known as "beautiful Weiyang". Baidu is welcome to plagiarize history.

Qin Jian is the original author of Weiyang of Jinxiu, whose original name is Zhou Jing. Weiyang of Jinxiu, whose original name is "common women are poisonous", has copied hundreds of books for nearly two years, but no results have been made.

A review of the plagiarism of Qin Bamboo Slips, the great God of Xiaoxiang:

Xiao Xiang's author Qin Jian's "gaomen Di NV" plagiarized caring and disordered "knowing whether or not it should be green, fat, red and thin", copied yiqianchong's "happy yingmen", copied Qian Zhengzheng's "such leisure as gorgeous imperial concubines", copied Xianting's "longevity", and also copied Haiyan's "langyabang".

Among them, "Shu NV is poisonous" copied Xie Peiqi's "Qiao Xian Qin Bao Bao", the bandit I think of the "lonely empty court, late spring", the "disaster country" and so on. There are also lines copied from the TV play "Legend of Zhen Huan". There's an explosive post in the end of the world. It's said that gaomen's legitimate daughter also copied the rebirth trend and concubine's inferior to his wife.

There are twenty-one copies of "poisonous concubines". There is too much evidence. What Baidu Qin Bamboo Slips comes out of is Qin bamboo slips. By the way, Qin bamboo slips are now called Qin bamboo slips. It's not from the landlord. There are so many evidences of her plagiarism, even if the author has said that there are plagiarism in the contents, such as Tianya, tieba, Weibo, and so on. There are evidences everywhere, just search them.

Qin Jian, a former plagiarist, has become so popular that he can continue to earn money by wearing a vest. The whole person feels his blood is cold.

Yu Ma replied to the netizen's query: why should we clarify the nonsense, make the black man darker, and then hit them hard in the face.

At present, there is no final conclusion about whether the playwright weekend of Yanxi strategy is Qin Bamboo Slips, and the plagiarism of Yanxi strategy is also out of the blue!