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What kind of brand is our aijindong mobile phone and how much is it? Price configuration of the same

Nowadays, TV plays are more and more close to life. People fake divorce in order to buy a house. The TV play "our love" is on. Many people are very interested in Xu Guangming's mobile phone. What brand is Jin Dongxu Guangming's mobile phone?

What brand of mobile phone does our AI Jin Dong use look like Meitu V4.

Many people think that Meitu mobile phone is related to Meitu company. Yes, Meitu mobile phone is the Android smart phone series developed by Meitu company.

On October 8, 2015, Huang Xiaoming and angelababy's century wedding ceremony was held in Shanghai. The luxury companion gift includes a popular Meitu mobile phone in the entertainment circle. It is a mobile phone customized by Meitu mobile phone for both of them with 'ah logo

On June 13, 2016, Meitu company held a conference in Xiamen, and released two new products: Meitu M6 camera phone and Meitu v4s camera phone. At the same time, the latest Meitu mobile phone operating system meios3 appeared.

In addition, Meitu V4 is also equipped with 2100W pixel rear camera, 5-inch 1080p resolution AMOLED display, MediaTek mt6795 processor, 3gb operating memory, 64GB Standard Version of body storage, meios2.5 operating system based on andorid 5.1, built-in 2650mah battery, supporting dual 4G of China Mobile Unicom, with three colors of white, pink and green. In addition to the standard version of V4, which costs 3499 yuan, there is the ultimate limited edition, which costs 6099 yuan.

The metu M4S also uses 3gb of running memory, 64GB of fuselage storage, and runs meios2.5, and launches the special version of Hello Kitty, which costs 2399 yuan for the standard version and 2699 yuan for the special version of Hello Kitty.